Update the alliance page (Logo freedom)

  • So im currently making a logo for my alliance and one of the biggest annoyances is the currently very dark background that we have for all alliance pages, it limits my usage of using darker colour tones for my logo, as it blends in to the background making it very hard to see the thin details, as you look around alliance pages in your universes that contain logos, most are forced to use bright/vibrant colours to combat this, its a shame since I wanted to use two dark grey tones in my logo design, but they do NOT intergrate well at all when it comes to the finale of posting it up on an alliance page.

    to combat this you must use another background to place your logo on which is lighter then the current black/dark blue shade that the game currently has and it greatly hinders logo aesthetics.

    I would love for options where you can simply change the background just for the alliance page, meaning that you dont have to put a ugly background font just to pose your initial logo on, (The current colour is almost black/dark blue)
    an example of what im talking about would be this logo; see how the user forces to use a white background to contrast with the dark background or his logo would be barely visible if it wasnt for it? (courtesy to ''Black Rise Matters)
    I think a lot of us would like to have an option to change that!