• Hello to all deut dealers,

    If ever you find yourselves without buyers for your deut production due to recent events in Virgo, don't hesitate to contact me in-game :thumbsup:

    We are here for you through these difficult times and Azrael D will be dedicated to keeping your vital trade markets going! :beer:

    Yes some buyers have vanished but believe me the demand did not decrease on our side! :hi:

    Rate 2.5 1.5 as usual!

  • What are the terms?:)

    Real-life threats are not welcomed on this platform, yet they are allowed.

    Cheating accusations and discussions will be punished, unlike cheating itself.

  • Hey Virgo,

    Just a friendly reminder that Azrael D are here to buy all your deut, we have some friendly members such as pirate andy and me who will be glad to offer you good rates for it as well as military support if need be!

    We also have less friendly people like Heretic or Firestorm if you like a little rough love.

    All in all, we have trade partners suitable for all styles. PM us!