What's the plan with these low speed low economy universes?

  • So I know they've been open for a while & there's now two of them in .org but something has been bugging me for a while.


    The template I believed GameForge was running off was to create new universes with better specs than the old ones. This would promote faster growth & provide a bridge for new players or otherwise who wanted to get into the action in (fill in the universe of your choice) by playing in the express lane.

    This is also something that to a certain degree played out in merge phases that we've seen. Look at universe 1.org for example. A lot of those top accounts aren't the oldest in x1. They're accounts that were made in the express lane universes of places like Taurus (x6 eco) and Kallisto (x7 eco).

    So. When Dorado opened, my first thought was essentially this. This universe won't last. Why have they made it? It's doomed from the start. Surely.

    Then Galetea was opened. A x1/x2 universe. Again. Why? Maybe to catch up on Dorado for a quicker merge? It made no sense.

    Tonight I realised that the low speed low economy specs were wide spread and not just a random .org phenomenon. My question/thought is as follows:

    Are these universes meant to be the successor to universe1.org? Are they going to start moving low speed high economy universes together with high speed high economy universes?

    Surely not... that'd be silly. Then I remembered that GameForge were planning on moving Virgo.org into Quantum.org based on economy matches.

    Surely they won't match economy speeds in the next merge phase, moving universe 1 players & Virgo players into matching economy universes (with higher fleet speeds) to pave way for places such as Dorado & Galatea to become the "new" universe 1s & Virgos of .org.

    Surely not? :blink:

    Treat this thread as a preemptive no if that does indeed happen.

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  • tbh every server thinks they are "special" and should be a target universe. Not all servers can be targets or there wont ever be a merge. None of us are special, gameforge will do what they want. They changed one thing about the last merge but that was it.

  • I think kewlness is right, Dorado should be a target uni, it is very special I think as well, it is with the speeds that ogame was meant to be played when it was created, that should make it a special uni alone, and it should stay that way. It should never be merged into an older and faster uni, but rather allow newer unis be merged into it. It has plenty of space, 9 galaxies, to fit many players in there and very advanced unis should not be merged into it.

  • I think it's extremely generous to assume there is a plan and even more generous to suggest that this plan was thought out if it exists.


    I expect Virgo to be merged into uni 1 eventually but I wouldn't be shocked if we got merged in a 6x fleet uni on the Italian servers or some shit

  • every company has a buissness model they follow. part of that is economic growth. after all they are here to make money.
    That said I do agree that there really is no plan with merger's or who goes where. as far as target universes or which they will be.
    But keep in mind with the servers new and old. at the end of the day they will do what makes them more money. with out losing to many players over it.
    Such as moving a slower uni. into a faster eco. uni. to drive DM sales . Or when they realized they could make bank off of relocation's .
    Most of the GF decissions are based off a financial forecast model. of gains and losses. of last year and other gaming companies. gains and losses.
    So it is best to watch GF in the financial sector and the other companies to get a ruff idea of whats coming. After all money drives companies.
    and if over the last 2 too 3 years they have a consistent pattern. then you can see what they will do next.
    To do that over lay the game updates and changes for the last two to three years. with their gains and losses in the financial sector. for the last 2 to 3 years .

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