Forum upgrades

You are seeing all the Community Sections but aren't interested in most them?
Check out this thread for an explanation on how to remove them: How to remove boardsections from your board view
PS: You can dismiss this notice in the top right of it
  • Dear community,
    on Wednesday, 3rd of July, we will have an upgrade on the forum.
    Due to the upgrade, the forum might not be available during the day for some hours.

    Also, the structure of the forum will be changed as we will be welcoming some of the OGame communities in other languages.
    New sections will be available for them and some sections of the current forum will be replaced or gone.
    The restructuring will happen between 4th and 7th of July.
    On 7th of July, the community members, teams and Community Managers of the following languages will be part of this forum:
    CZ, DK, FI, GR, JP, NO, SE, SI, SK, TW.

    We kindly ask you to please welcome the new members of the community and be patient with the changes as they will be happening gradually within the days after the upgrade.

    Your OGame Team.

  • Dear community,

    don't forget that we are going to upgrade the boardsoftware tomorrow. The board probably won't be useable the whole day and maybe some time on thursday too.

    Your OGame Team.

    Board Admin ORG

    Origin Admin
    OGame-Tech Chief