why the entire Alliance assassins not in steam bath ???

  • written 101 times .. do nothing
    the entire administration works on friends)))
    ps:in 1 universe there is no operator .. there should be a 3 day wait for a response and no control

  • written 101 times .. do nothing
    the entire administration works on friends)))
    ps:in 1 universe there is no operator .. there should be a 3 day wait for a response and no control

    Contact SGO, if that is no help then contact GA and if they are no help, then contact Piink, if she is no help then you are wrong :P

  • Wasnt that YOU I saw on lanx every day you are off VM Garfield hitting these same old accounts ur bitching about? You think others do not hit these inactives too? I see many players (both Assassin and other players) feeding off the old retired accounts. How long has Richard Branson (GHA) or Martin (JeB) accounts been putting out? Gurnard? I havent seen Richard play in forever yet his mines still keep on keepin on...How long for Martin of Jeb? Or a gazillion other accounts from INYEON, TBH, DoD, FGR, BAAL, etc. Hell I hit an old FGR.wing account every other day or so. I never saw a wing alliance for them since I came here in the merge--didnt even know there was one. It is non-existent yet the mines put out as if active on that account. I farm killercroc whenever I can between real targets and such. A good use of a fleetslot since GOs no longer turn mines off. My point is these accounts (and real multi's too--I hear Bibas' cat has an account now ;) ) have been around for a long time and I dont hear you calling for UNI wide bans on those alliances? Methinks a bit of personal bias is in your rants here.

    I too am upset that there is no oversight for the bot using multi accounts feeding certain alliances. You know the ones that have 24/7 activity and ship their resources in trade to certain other top 200 players? Nor the loss of the old inactive rule that after 90 days the mines turn off and are only profitable for newbies to hit and so not allow the pushing abuse you complain of. The UNI would be more active (top 1-5 accts hunting rather than simply SC farming these inactives) when players are forced to find real targets and work for it, rather than seeing it given away by defenseless inactives that never turn off for years on end. However, the game is what it is now, and if you do not like the farce that GF now calls Ogame, then go back to VM until the game changes or you find another outlet for your time.

    You think that friends are what keeps top players from being banned? Trust me, it is the money spent on DM not "friends in high places" in my experience. I despise hypocrites who complain about banning someone because they "hate them" or are gonna "end my game" as you have threatened so many of us with. Do I use alarms, bots, multi's? No I do not...so quit ranting like a child about banning me for simply hitting inactive accounts or old accounts of players that no longer really play the game. Be thankful you can hit them every day like you do and rake in the millions u waste IPMing our members with idle threats and non existent peril. Those accounts were built by long standing players from past UNIs who wont play in Uni 1 with the way the game has evolved. If they log in every month (or even not at all) to keep those active for all of us in the UNI, we should thank them for allowing us to farm em rather than see them rot the prime slots away in VM. I see you have been doing very well on these accounts as has everyone in the UNI thats close enough to hit em. However, there is some risk (not much when its 150 SCs in x6 Eco) if you attack Assassin or their affiliated allies/alliances.

    Take it like a man for God's sake. Some peeps actually risk thousands of ships attacking our accounts, traders, allies, and friends of ours and kudos to them for risking it. When they are successful we congratulate, and when they get owned well that is the risk they took. When I attack Martin, I know that JeB could easily Defend it against my attacks (and have several times), but I take the risk..sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesnt.

  • Do I use alarms, bots, multi's? No I do not...

    Everybody knows you are using teamviewer lol. Who cares, as you said, the game is a joke now, Baal is growing millions of points but is mostly in VM and pushing is all but legal. Just keep clicking until there’s something better to do. :)

    PS: Bibas doesn’t have a cat.

  • What I found hilarious is when I was farming two different accounts last week, both inactive and both in a locked system with Assassins. My cargoes are under 5 minutes away when BAM. Both accounts have been logged in at the same time and both accounts build a shield dome to counter my raids.

    How is it that two separate accounts, both inactive, both inside an Assassin locked system, come out from being inactive at the same time right as my attacks land.

    Oh, and I failed to mention that GKP was active in that same system. ?(

    Talk about coincidental....

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  • Why don't you all do it!

    Ass'es are
    Baalocks is

    Reporting to GO's doesn't work anymore. For anything - too many cheats :vain:

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  • First of all thanks for the fair answer @Darth Johnny and its always nice to see someone from the opposite side from a silly issue come out and say something.

    Second of all, considering actives actual inactives is a bit of a stretch, there is a huge difference, in my opinion, between a player with (i) or (I) and a player who is active and does not build anything, which seems they actualy do build some stuff according to Weird Al statement ( which benefits who? :) ). Now, i dont mind you people defending them, that has happen lots of times before to me and its part of the game, its the other behaviour i am not so ok with, and quiet frankly amazed how the team is not taking action since i he seen the same behaviour in Kallisto and a ban was received by the players within a day... Worth noting that saying this benefits everyone... come on, this clearly benefits you people most and but whatever..

    Also, what about OhNoNathaniel, is he also considered an inactive? ?( i am realy confused how a player makes sure he has all planets in your alliance systems, only builds defense, gets rip raided by only who ( your alliance )? someone else tries and it gets defended by who ( your alliance )?, that same person slows the attack to avoid the ACS defend, and what happens? the player being attacked who is offline almost all days suddenly knows he is under attack ( maybe your alliance warned him :saint: ) i mean.... maybe its to much to ask for fair game from your alliance, i dont know :)

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  • We all know that those acc r owned by someone else, ofc one guy in system they locked, not only asses use that thing ask Miku, same thing.how i can see only FZN keeps his filers in blue.

    Enyoj if u find some pleasure in it

  • Does anyone read the page long essay posts?

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  • I'm going to be a bit of an arse here for a second. So pardon any bruised ego's or feelings even if I have and do at times talk epic trash on a god level.

    first two mergers ago a year after they decided to leave inactive mines rolling so noobies could farm and grow.

    Fleet saving then sending out timed raids while off line from various locations and rocket ques can make you look very much online.

    having ally m8s who are on when you are off randomly probe some of you're planets and moons makes for false activity. again making you look like you are online.

    having a target move random parts of their fleet around. while attacking undefended cargo's and they message then 7 hours later they do it again but no message then the next day same time they message < either just being kind once a day or sharing. with or with out approval from the game team.

    and if you have played more than a year and half arsed fleeted you can spot a botter scrypter, automaniac.

    So all they cheat he cheats lets all cheat needs to stop. being an effective team alliance gets you hated because you have many eyes watching the same target so people assume more than what is really going on and when you assume you make an ass out of every one.

    I know I have said a block of crap about an organized push , but I had video proof that the game team has the same type of proof that got the C.I.D. alliance in U32 perma ban their I.P.s perma ban and emails perma ban. till 2037.

    now if you have proof other than an ASSumption then great use it. and give it to WeTaHa if Piink is not available or one of the G.A. yes the game team has jack for tools to prevent dumby play on the servers. and if all you have is a whiny complaint with no meat to the bone shut up. and sit down Ive been hit buy assassins I have been hit buy TBH in the past. I have been top ten'ed in other uni's.
    hell i have even been hacked. in one uni, that took 8 months to resolve so again no proof shut the hell up. and grow a pair and let them drop.

    Or suck it up butter cup and play cleaner play better don't be habit forming or predictable.

    Really brainrot? Maybe just kick a kitten today as well

  • Blackmass summed it up well. Nobody likes cheaters but most cheat anyways. Anybody with some smarts a cellphone and computer can multi account without getting caught. Its not ideal but its the way life is these days.

    So get your big boy pants on and play.