Free Fleet

  • As long as a player does not pass the information on to just 1 player and either posts on the board ,which was done or marks up his planets to advertise the free fleet ,then there is no push.....1 of the things that used to be done for moonshots was a lower ranked player left X amount of fleet for a moonshot on his planet ,an higher ranked player could then recy the sat fleet as long as the player either didnt tell anyone OR he told everyone by marking his planets moonshot or what fleet he had sat there .
    This may be an old rule but i havent seen anything that changed the rule.

  • Its really a sad thing when THIS thread is the most exciting thing ive experienced in Ogame in a looonngggg time! LOL, whatever the GOs deem is ok by me, i can honestly say i have zero interest in this game. It used to be fun, used to be worth it, but man is it boring. Report the hit? lol you guys are cute! I left it open to anyone and everyone. Not my fault Ice got it, seems to be legit seeing as how he gets everyones fleet with time anyway. Lol, boo hoo push... it wasnt a push. ANYONE could have attacked the fleet, no one did but him. Your faults.

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  • I'm not sure why I'm being mentioned here anyway, Lord of Ice is a humble rank 2500 player who can only dream of one day amassing the necessary fleet to perform such an impressive hit :shrug::shrug: I agree this Lord of Lolis is a shady character, so much that he already submitted a ticket against his own self!

    "Ice is a cool guy"

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  • Dude gave everyone in the universe with the power to take his fleet down an equal opportunity to take the fleet down. Doesn't even mildly smell like pushing to me - HOWEVER, it is for the orange team to decide.

    As the fleet has apparently been destroyed - :closed:

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