uni Merge and Support Problems

  • I want to share with yours a few problems.
    Firstly abt support or ticket system.when we sent to a ticket for take your support we can not take answer fast.usually its continue long time or minimum 1week.this is really boring and not justice.!
    And the second , our uni almost(ı think its died) died and almost 32 active players continue to play in our uni. So i want to say u our uni need to (actually should be) merge with another universe(s).
    Otherwise this uni will loose rest of players too and will be as ghost town.
    I hope u can fast answer this time :)
    Best regrads

    @piink @Master Yoda @Blankie@NoMoreAngel@Iris @Rav3n@Valent @nk320

    if all u explain to something us we will be happy. PLS look ticket system everyday!!!!



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  • its kinda a gost town but but BUT
    I see here an opportunity to make COLLOSSAL empire out of all that free space plus i would be surprise to see all of the player just stop playing espacially when you have the chance to devellop without getting raid ALL the time is nice.

    I just hope more miner would come to fill up a little ...

  • It's dead, only Gameforge and Artist made anything from it, all the money Artist spent was replaced when Deadpool bought his account.

    Next round of merges were proposed to be in 2021 (iirc), have fun keeping your moons until then, Navy has the monopoly on fleet, they can sail the Dead Sea all they want, time to move on.

    This is the end result of DM, uni's last a month or two then die, Gameforge doesn't care because there are still people who spend big in the beginning and to recover after getting crashed, all for what?

    I came back to play with a friend during recuperation from a health issue, now I again realise why I left in the first place, cheaters, Bots and open wallets

  • most uni's are dead, even merged ones. Moneey plays here, until there are guys with pockets they'll still stay mostly cause they invested thousands of $$ . So either way, even pre merged unis before are almoust dead now, cause also before they could bring their other accs and push themselves obviously... Just with new lobby it might slightly go harder but still can work to... so anyways, merger or not, ppl will quit sooner then later.. .So this is an dying game.. i'd suggest rather go something else :P MOBA's or RPG's even.

    Looking For A Ogame account if possible "top" rated.
    Ex top 1 player across few servers .us , .org , .de

    ty for offers.

  • Until gameforge realise they are killing the game by this dm bs. Uni's will keep dying after a few months. But its all about £££ to them. If you had 1 uni with a limited amount of dm could be bought once a month the uni would thrive. But unfortunately folks that isn't in gf's business model.