GA removal?

  • Blankie and Master Yoda have been removed from the team.

    I know im not the only one who was shocked to login to the board today and see that not 1 but both our GA's had been removed.
    Less than an hour has past and i have already heard half a dozen theory's on why this might have happened, so im curious to know: What is the real reason?


  • there is no team left

    the amount of energy and work Blankie and Yoda have put into .org is/was huge
    now, im sure the demise of .org has begun

    those 2 were pretty much the only ones capable of banning hardcore cheaters
    spread the thoughts of .org on the important GF platforms regarding merges etc
    [whhich essentially means explain the GF players point of view, which as we know they dont care much about]

    just remember..last merge couldnt be done without Blankie
    and it was one of the best merges .org has seen

    but yeah, its time to pack the bags and leave

    was a pleasure working with you two :beer:


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  • Before this thread is locked: both, Yoda and Blankie did oustanding job over the time. So loosing them is a big donwslope I am afraid. Knows their job very well, knows major issues and problems within game and I haven't seen anyone had any serious issues with them. And as long as I know they were cheaters enemies #1 one. Not really sure how great this decision is, having in mind that .org already have deficiency of orange team for some time now. Anyway, wish them both good luck in the future.

  • unless the ex GAs choose to enlighten the community themselves, i very much doubt that any explanation will be forthcoming.

    they keep our issues rigidly confidential, so its only fair they should be afforded the same protection.

    whether that's right or wrong depends on how nosey you are - as a person.


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  • It's the most shock news I've ever heard in Much shock then WM down news.
    did they really get "REMOVED"? not a "LEFT"?

    Don't know what happened....but hope those two ex-GAs good luck in RL.
    You two won't be removed in .org players.

  • just shocked to see blankie banned ingame in Vega
    then i see this...
    damn boiiii this stinks really bad
    we need more GOs and GAs hunting cheaters and we kick the ones we have!
    good job!!!

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  • Not even a thank you for their years and years of hard work.

    I wasn't all for yoda, but he still stuck around when most didn't.

    Blankie has always been a pleasure to deal with.

    I hope we get an explanation as to what happened, although it isn't gameforges M.O

    maybe they will bring in some paid support staff!

  • Dont know much about yoda
    But blankie is a gem of person and Game admin
    Shocked and sad to see this

    I hope things get sort out .
    And i also hope we find out the reason for all this happend

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  • Hey guys,

    We will make a statement soon enough, probably after the board upgrade. I just need time to collect my thoughts.
    But to answer some of your concerns, yes we were removed, yes it was against our will, and yes it has to do with a lot of issues that bother our community and that we tried fighting for.

    We are very sad but we are proud of our work here, and most of all we are proud of all the support we are getting from all of you <3

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  • I'm not surprised that blankie got removed from the team.

    She has always done things the way she wanted it to be even if it meant going back on her words or bending the rules a little bit, maybe this time you bent it a bit too much. Yup, not a fan.

    Anyway good luck in real life.

    Don't let the game play you, instead of that Vmode fleetsave and play the game whenever you want.

  • For a second there I actually thought Org's most cherished mascot pretended to be human and said something nice.

    The guy you are talking about got banned way too many time
    So basically he is just letting out his frustration
    Nothing else .

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  • if im putting my 2 cents in.

    From what i seen inactivity was a big problem on the GA side of things recently, Maybe more Yoda than Blankie. Eitherway, a change up may be a good thing honestly.