GA removal?

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  • as far as the official reply from CoMa goes

    i can only say RIP with a nice new emoticon we got


    'Stalno u kafani..ja sam nesto poput sanka'

    'Zaboravljamo heroje i junake,pamtimo samo loše likove'

  • Wow... Now i really don't think i will be coming back to OGame...

    Definition of ''worst''- most corrupt, bad, evil, or Runner.

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  • as far as the official reply from CoMa goes

    i can only say RIP with a nice new emoticon we got


    Because someone believes that the emoticons are what will make the community happy and otherwise occupied. How wrong they are.

    The GF keeps forgetting that this is about real emotions and not emoticons, but I am not holding my breath for an official reply from anyone at this point and neither should any of you. The GF is keeping up with modern times, at least when it comes to ghosting it’s customers.

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  • Nothing but crickets coming from Gameforge... what a shocker!!!

    Let me repeat... piink shame on you and your employer... corporate scum at it's best! No respect at all for your customer base - I hope you get what's coming to you

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    "Ice is a cool guy"

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  • Like many here, i am disappointing that piink hasn't given an proper explanation or at least addressed this thread but I just want to take a moment to say that i have been extremely happy with her for a long time and even though this is kinda messed up, then we shouldn't judge her solely on these events.

    Lets keep our faith for a bit longer :colony:

  • Sorry Parsec, it's not very hard to pick a side here - as they say, you're as good as your last job - in this case, the last job was nothing but incompetence and disrespect. Surely this falls on Gameforge at the origin but that doesn't change the facts.

  • So piink I notice that you posted 14 hours ago in the General area so I know you read the thread. Please therefore could you do us the courtesy of doing your job and answering the questions?

    Nobody of the still active, not newly registered people, except maybe Cass and bibob will miss you


  • Hey,

    I'm sure she is aware of the thread after all those mentions, but I don't know if she will answer or not, it's up to her and GameForge if they want to respond here :smile2:

    I'm generally sorry that EN lost Blankie and Master Yoda as GA's, but I think both sides made some hard decisions.

    But I don't believe that piink is a bad CoMa, I have talked with her myself sometimes and she listens to the community and the teams about what people want, but she can only forward things to those who make the decisions and hope for a good outcome.

    Please don't hate me for saying something positive about her, but I felt it needed to be done to combat all the hate towards her :tongue3:

    Thank you to Blankie and Master Yoda for their work and fight for things to be better, I wish you all the best :smile2:

  • i like that poll

    90 votes, 91% yes

    when you decide something that gets, atleast, 82 other people to disagree

    u know u messed up ^^

    with a board account 12 years old, i can pretty much say that GO/GA are a key part of this game

    and kicking 2 members that have volunteered thousands of hours of their free time like that is just as lame as it can get

    if it was my case, id be hella pissed at how this turned out, but im happy that a lot of people is still able to see the truth

    hope it can get sorted somehow... otherwise byebye

    Uni 24
    324 HoFs (78 Advanceds & 10 Top Tens)

    Stoped counting too long ago :beer:

  • I know that no one expects from me to defend piink, especially in this thread, but I cannot stand still while she is being attacked for everything GF related. She made a mistake by removing us so abruptly, but she also did good things for this community that will not be forgotten. Just remember the COMA before her and how “communicative” he was on the board🤐

    Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone is brave enough to own up to them and repair the damage.

    The poll, official or not, and this entire thread showed that all of you, with a few exceptions, were satisfied with our work as GAs, and no one remembers such support for removed teamlers on .org ever. It was a mistake to remove us, and now we are playing a waiting game to see how this will be fixed. It is obvious that the overnight recrutuing of random people in the team is not a satisfying solution, because this community has always fought for more.

    And once again I have to say thank you to all of you for standing up for us. That is the true sense of a community, and we cannot allow for anyone to ruin our team spirit. I just hope that we are given the chance to re-join the team in the same capacity, so that we could all work together again, and make this community better than it ever was. Everyone knows that there is a lot of room for improvement, and me and Master Yoda are ready for the challenge. But it seems that we are stuck at a trafficklight and the light is still red. It has been red for the last 15 days. Maybe we need an expert to change it to green, and if one exists, we are kindly asking them to stop lingering and get on with the job.🚦🚦🚦

    "Let me be clear as I can be: In politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. It's not cool to not know what you're talking about."

  • Anyone else bugs piink or drags her through the mud from this point forward receives a warning and a ban from this thread. I already stated previously that it is at the discretion of GF/piink as to whether or not they choose to respond here.

  • I think this thread is funny.

    I should have a question for ex GA ......... did you never give explanation at community about who join staff or is fired ?

    or when someone complained about a GO and asked to fired him, you have listened to the popular will ?

    Personally i never saw it in any community. So really sound strange to wait that a CoMa will come here to explain her opinion or that decide to join back GA because community want it.

    For players this is a game, for staffer this is not a job, for coma this is a job ........... maybe someone forgotten the different. So if a GO,SGO,MOD, GA, etc work bad the worse is to lose his place in the staff .......... a CoMa if work bad, lose her job, so lose her incoming. So i think it is natural a CoMa is free to have any decision if she think is the best solution

  • Hi!

    I think this is getting slightly out of control.

    I'll start this answer by saying I still think bringing a team issue into a public thread or disclosing details of situations with any teamler in public is not the way to go, the same way I do not take part in ban or accusations of players in public as I believe these matters are to be handled in private.

    I am thankful for all their effort as I told them in private.

    I'm also happy to see so much appreciation towards an ex GA in public (one does not see that every day), for me there is no picking sides, I have no doubt both Blankie and Master Yoda did an outstanding job throughout the years, but with the last server opening the trust was lost.

    Although the community feedback towards new servers is generally quite bad, the new servers play a role in the development of the game, the marketing activities and its sustainability. This does not mean they are the main point of focus, but they are part of OGame's life cycle.

    We constantly forward the community feedback to the development team and also, as community managers with a foot in the community and a foot in the development team we are able to point out or push certain topics when there is an opportunity (pushing the hyperspace update, the merge needs from last year and other topics that are in the pipeline, but not confirmed nor ready to go). With that being said, we are also in charge of maintaining the structure of the teams so that servers have their support covered and for that we mostly rely on our trust with the admins. They know the teams and community best, they know the server support activity best and which servers need deeper checks or which ones are calmer. With that being said, we also rely on them to distribute (or in this particular case re-distribute) the effort of the team. If an admin refuses a new server, the admin is also refusing to do one of their tasks, which is to make sure this particular server has its support covered.

    There are plenty of ways to figure out how to re-distribute the support of a server: recruiting new people, asking for help to team members of other communities (it is harder and harder to recruit and we are all aware of that), but refusing to accept the server in the community resulting in leaving a server in anarchy with no support at all isn't one.

    I have been working with GF communities for quite a while now as I first took over Ikariam Spain in 2011 and I figured over the years the best way to build a relationship with the community admins is with trust- drama free.

    If the trust is gone the relationship does not work. I cannot continue building trust knowing at any point a server could potentially be left in anarchy due to an administrator not willing to take the server into the community. Don't get me wrong, I handle weekly pretty much the same amount of support cases as admins, if a server needs some kind of reinforcement and the cases end up in my hands I simply handle them- no questioning, no complaint from my side, it is part of the job. Leaving a server without people assigned to it happens all the time due to the lack of resources in the team.

    Leaving a server without people assigned to it on purpose results in broken trust.

    This is the only answer you'll see from me in this thread, it does not mean I won't read it, it just means I consider this a matter to be handled in private.



  • Leaving a server without people assigned to it happens all the time due to the lack of resources in the team.

    Leaving a server without people assigned to it on purpose results in broken trust.

    One could easily argue Gameforge leave servers unattended on purpose - the lack of resources fall entirely on them and their refusal to hire more paid staff simply to optimize their profits. They willingly keep the team under-resourced.

    I'm stating the obvious here, but that is what has led to :quote:broken trust:quote: towards Gameforge - including from their own GA team.

    If you cannot :quote:trust:quote: two dedicated Game Admins who finally are taking a stand against those things, which should have been done long ago, there is a problem and it's not on the GA's side.

    I trust that they have the community's well-being at heart - I certainly don't trust that GameForge and their spokesperson do.

    Maybe when no one wants to volunteer for them anymore Gameforge will finally have a little bit of self-reflection. MAYBE.

    But, eh, pretty sure that's only wishful thinking.


  • Huge difference in being paid and not being paid and punished for it. I wassnt sure if we were gonna get any kind of response but despite it being a long message, it felt short and dry like our ticket responses.:fie:

  • I think you could have avoided this thread to an extent by changing the wording on the team post. By post they were “removed” riled people up and fed the fires. If the post was “blankie and master yoda are no longer game admins, new game admins are hawk etc.” You avoid most of this. It was the unprofessional post that caused this thread to be the way it is

  • One could argue time is a finite resource and you cant redistrubute nothing into something.

    Thanks for stopping by piink. I think its totally fair to say you are loads better tham last COMA... But my dead nan would be...

    Clarification: not aimed at Piink rather our glorious ex coma