Cosmo Pride - Merge Strategy

  • Dear Cosmo's,

    I think it is time we start talking about the merge. I realize most players are mainly doing their own thing right now, building huge mines, upgrading their tech, getting new colonies and doing some light farming. This is all good stuff, but if predictions are true, we might be merging with a much stronger uni (such as Bella) in Oktober/November.

    My main question is, what are you guys planning on doing once this happens? Is it going to be every man/alliance for himself or are we going to have some Cosmo pride and stand strong together?

    We would have a couple of months to prepare for something awesome. Please share your thoughts and let's think about how we can make something great happen.


  • I don't think there will be any merge soon (>1y)

    Hmm I hope you're wrong, but considering your experience you probably aren't. If they really do wait a year, there might be no players left here to merge with. Maybe just C4D and Komrad ;)

    Still, let's see how people are envisioning the merge. It's so boring over here it doesnt hurt to open the communication a bit.

  • The fleeters in Bella have been preparing for a merge for a while now, since we are already a year old, I agree with frka where it may/may not happen just yet, but with the activness of both unis Quiet low it may happen sooner then expected... But the beerd one has bad to take anything substantial you need to plough through ALOT of fleet..... and I'm pre sure c4 is the only one on cosmos with enough fire power xD


    Lets drink till we cant feel feelings anymore!

  • Good evening,

    Heretics we will see how the things will go :)

    If this merge will be later we just can't compete with Bella, not even now except C4.

    Longer they will wait less players gonna play this game including me. In my calculation I don't expect more than 10 players

    will be here when merge comes.

    This game is dying, they are opening new servers for money, latest events with Yoda and Blankie just destroying

    this game and will to continue.

  • I think a merge needs to happen soon, this is the most inactive uni and i have an account here i want to play it. i hope there will be more target unis than just one.