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  • Original Post:

    "Isn't it completely illogical that the SOLAR PLANT produces the same amount of energy on all planets regardless or position 1 or 15? Especially since solar sats vary depending on the planet?

    Just give solar plants more energy on warmer planets and it would create the perfect balance between the increased deut production on colder ones."

    If you accept this suggestion, the credits belong to the "aster"

  • This should've been done a long time ago. Solar Plants are pretty much obsolete... Fusions and Solar Sats are massively more viable in any situation.

  • I Disagree with this, some people have solar plants in cold planets powering their mines, it would totally throw off their gameplay if this were changed. Do not change solar plant energy that much. The solar plants are entire buildings, they can definately make use of the suns energy much better than a small satellite floating in space. Although i think energy tech should be implemented to increase solar plant energy output, it is totally logical, but a solar plant should not have less energy on colder positions, it is an entire building not a small satellite.