resource count fix

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  • I dont like how it is counted deuterium and crystal as 1 resource when it shows resource loot, i think its better if it is fixed and shows deuterium as 3 resources and crystal as 2, so profits can be clearly seen

  • Where does it show you this that you are concerned about?

    If I hover my cursor over a total loot amount on the probe report screen it will show each resource comprising that loot total.

    As for counting D as 1, that is necessary for Cargo space... a 1 of Deuterium takes the same space as a 1 of Metal. It just has more value, that's all.

  • im not asking for a change that big, im asking for when it shows loot in a CR, to know the true profits, its better if it shows each res separate, or the total loot has incorporated deut as 3 res, crystal as 2, metal as 1.

    nowhere else it needs to change, just on the CR so you know you made a profit when you loot 100k of each res and your fuel cost was 100k, rather than if you just looted 500k metal, but your fuel cost was 200k deut, not really any profit there, u see what i mean? i know you can calculate this in battle sims and in your head, but seeing the true value of the numbers in the loot of a CR is a good thing.

    so instead of 300k loot when u get 100k of each res, it shows, 600k (100k metal, 100k crystal, 100k deut) then when you minus 100k fuel cost you know you have a 300k true res profit.

    thats all.

  • Actually, now that Stellar Pegasus has explained his intent a little better, it does make sense. It would more accurately reflect TRUE profits.

    I like it now, but no where else in the game does this have to change. Only on CRs.

  • I fail to see how that shows the true profit.

    1.000 metal is equal to 1 point

    1.000 crystal is equal to 1 point

    1.000 deut is equal to 1 point.

    What you are thinking of is not the "true profit" but rather the highest possible profit by inflating numbers to the highest possible trade rate


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