Changing the Server Settings

  • I'm here for the slow speed 1x fleet speed :thumbsup:

    It's the eco and research lev could be improved so you have faster mines and faster research I'm good with faster eco and research.

    I can see in the near future the painful waiting for research to finish or a mine that will take weeks to complete its already taken such a long time now:freakout:faster eco and faster research please

  • Due to the changes in the game that are coming up I will not run polls for now.

    Once the update reaches all universes and the new balance is reached I'll announce when new polls for settings are possible.

  • On reflection, when they do run a poll I'll be voting for a fair increase in economy speed and a small increase in research speed. That should keep things fair for everyone when the new features take effect.


    :quote:RECYCLING SERVICE:quote: 

  • I still think research and eco are fine, its nice and easy to manage. Maybe a slight increase to eco like x3 or x4 at the most but i would be against any more

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