"yohdh" warning people left and right

  • I don't know who the hell that is, and since I can't PM ingame or find him on board, I have to ask here:
    What the flap was I just warned for?
    Next time you want to warn people about their behavior, AN EXAMPLE of said behavior would go a long way in not coming off as a.. thing I'm not sure I'm allowed to name without getting banned.
    PS: And I'm not the only one who got warned for no reason.
    PS1: I hope you know board and game acc are not supposed to be related, so if I made a board infraction, send PM on board for flap sake.

  • Hello,

    Game Operators don't issue warnings ingame for something done on the board, all warnings sent ingame are for situations that happened ingame just like in your case.

    If you have questions about your warning you can open a ticket and we'll clarify the reason for the it.

    Best Regards,


  • If you check the Team Page you will verify that all universes have Game Operators assigned which has not happened in a while, therefore ticket answering is faster and you all should get your answers within 24/48h.

  • I understand that and you're right, but as I said, there are more GOs at the moment, you didn't have one assigned and you do now.

    It's summer, people go on vacations and from time to time replies can take more or less time, but in general it should be a lot faster now.

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    13 days has been the average in our universe for the last 6 months or so, so excuse us if we don't believe the 24/48h rule

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    Cheating accusations and discussions will be punished, unlike cheating itself.

  • As my colleagues have already said, if you have a problem with a GOs decision, please take it up with them directly via ticket, as we cannot deal with it on the board.


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