Forbidden vs. Tolerated features

  • Forbidden:

    • block advertising
    • hide or change premium pictures
    • hide "recruit officers" / "merchant"
    • hide footer
    • imitating premium feature
    • direct login
    • automatic behaviour (e.g. fleetsave on attack, automatic attack, ...)
    • special alerts (e.g. acoustic warning signal on attack)
    • not existing queues
    • own advertising (donation button would be ok)
    • fee required usage

    Allowed behaviour that was specifically asked to get clarified:

    • Addons do not need to be encrypted / made difficult to read
      - Decision by WeTeha, May 21th 2009
    • A button in the eventlist for the recall of a flight.
      - Decision by WeTeha, June 7th 2010
    • The integration of combat simulators or something like that into the page.
      - Decision by WeTeha, June 7th 2010
    • Reply button for alliance messages
      - Decision by WeTeha, June 10th 2010
    • Change the message link to the short combat report into the detailled combat report
      - Decision by WeTeha, July 4th 2010
    • Show all flights in overview
      - Other menu sites are possible to discuss (like fleet III)
      - forgotten info, sorry
    • Locale Proxy server to submit data for a database like galaxytool
      - ONLY a locale , compiled program !
      - Decision by WeTeHa, September 4th 2010
    • Adding 'spy' buttons on Fleet Movement page
      - Decision by WeTeHa, September 4th 2010
    • Redirecting to Fleet Movement (instead of Facilities) after Jumpgate usage on moon
      - Decision by WeTeHa, September 4th 2010
    • Set 'dynamic' selected fleet compositons, e.g for expeditions. (Commander feature "standard target" are fixed compositions)
      - Decision by WeTeHa, September 4th 2010
    • Add direct links in espionage reports to fleetpage 1 and set needed ships.
      - Decision by WeTeHa, March 4th 2012
    • It is allowed to copy a text into the game (e.g from offline simulator), parse it and set the number of ships in fleet dispatch page 1. Storing those settings is NOT allowed - to close to commander feature "Standard fleets".
      - Decision by WeTeHa, Octobre, 2th 2012
    • It is allowed to add direct links for sending simple fleets in spy reports etc. For example add a "Spy" button to send probes immediatly to this planet/moon again.
      Because those features are partly commander features (send recycler to debris, send probes to moon ....) you HAVE to check commander status and add those features only, when commander is active. And those scripts HAVE to be compiled.
      - Decision by WeTeHa, Octobre, 4th 2012
    • It is allowed to show the amount of resources, ships and defense and the research and building levels from other planets /moons and summarized IF those values are stored while the user views each ogame page - but it have to be different from the empire view.
      For example you can show the amount of ships and resources on each planet/moo or the building levels and resources on each planet/moon.
      It is not allowed to show a complete overview with all levels and values for a given planet or moon - it's to close to the empire
      - Decision by WeTeHa, January, 10th 2013