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    Info: The universal tool site for OGame: Production Overview, Statistics, Account Info, Signature & more.

    Authors: Mr_Morden (2005-2006); Delium, CrAcKeR & GreXXL (2007-2009); Petty230 (since 2010)

    Website: https://en.oprojekt.net/index/

    Board: https://board.oprojekt.net/

    Support: support@oprojekt.net

    Browser: Latest versions of all major browsers

    Languages: In particular German and English, but also other languages (only partial translation).

    Translation: If you want to translate into your native language, feel free to tell us.


    • Watch the InGame Statistics to search and receive detailed information (i.e. development of all players rank) about other players.
    • Do you want to know how many players play OGame and how the development of account numbers looks like? Then the Account Numbers is right for you.
    • Register now and also receive the following benefits:

      1. Create a signature for the use in Boards etc. and show your teammates how much resources you produce.
      2. Get detailed information about your mine production, including optimization tips.
      3. Compare your mine production with everyone else.
  • Problems with mail dispatch in support and missing features

    Dear community,

    our problems of the past weeks and months were certainly not unnoticed by you.

    While we were not able to implement new features and functions of OGame, which have an influence on our statistics, we are now on the blacklist, which is why we have huge difficulties, especially with sending e-mails.
    Our only remaining programmer stays on it and takes care of all matters.

    We apologize for the late information to you and also for the circumstances and inconvenience.

    Your OProject Team