[MWA]Hidden Lynx Vs. [A-W-O-L]Tommy - ACS RECALL NINJA BACKSTAB FEAT. Creatur Of Abyss

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  • 6. If you support Arsenal you are scum

    At least we can agree on something:thumbsup:. COYS.

    Personally I think you should all man up and launch a big acs attack on CoA and that he should send me half all of his profit when you all get wrecked by his RIP powered light fighters (which I'm assured are the only combat ships he has:spiteful:).


    :quote:RECYCLING SERVICE:quote: 

  • Indi - you just made a bunch of excuses for why you're (v) lol.

    I was referring to Cata's goodbye thread.

    Honestly, I think Alpha was overrated, only 3-4 guys making the hits, with a bunch of fanboys cheering them on. Alpha was no. 1 only for a few weeks cuz of blackouts acc which was just wasted in your hands. So I think, even with all the viagra in the world, I'd not be able to get hard cuz of that :rofl:

    Ps. Being a beta means you're not an Alpha, it's a pun, try not being so serious all the time.

  • Well what do you want me to say?

    Maybe next time I wont tell anyone why im in v-mode because apparently that doesnt matter when everyone starts making bullshit up about why a player is in V, and simply cant accept the reasons why im in V without being called a 'beta' , 'pussy', or making'excuses' or some other dumbshit accussations;

    Its summer over here im 23, away from home for 2-3 months, im busy with work/internships, and enjoying the sun, the internet where im staying sometimes goes offline for hours on end, I think its wise that I put my account in V-Mode until I come back to a stable connection and daily-weekly routine.

    until then no im not going to get the account out of V-Mode just cos of peer-pressure xD

    Regarding Cata/Balerion/Cannon they are history, in why Cata was banned I dunno, he went cold, no need to get a hard-on from him and other Alpha members, clearly we obviously left an impact on Galatea when every 4 days someone mentions Alpha and its members for whatever reason, but as mentioned, its history now, go find other players/alliances to clash fists with...

    Sure you can bash us all you want being top1 is still top1 regardless of how we got there, it was fair game, even if it lasted for 2-3 weeks.

    Maybe if people were being nice for once that could of had a shot of having the biggest fleet account when it came around, but as usual people pref gossip and unnecessary talk, and naturally hate and accusations was around the corner when it was gifted to Cata/alpha shortly after. Also the reason why I think Cata didnt hand off his accounts, he didnt seem to like/trust a lot of peeps here enough to hand down the accounts, I dont blame him either...

    Anyways Yawn, im tired of arguing pointless shit, seems like I dont need to defend myself when all I speak is Facts, but I lose my patience and interest when players cant get it in their thick heads..

    Go poke your provocation at someone else, maybe at an alliance that would make the Galatea gossip fun once again, Alpha is gone for now, and im sadly losing disinterest to a once beautiful game when its servers die out every 6 months of being released, with gameforges Questionable decisions year in year out (Most recent the kicking of mods Yoda and Blankie) and good players quitting on the regular, its hard to have a commited attachment to this game these days.

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  • CoA... did you really recall your fleet??:thinking: LOL

    Once upon a time in another uni, when you were guardian of morality....you backstabt and intire ally...because you thought that they were dishonnest.... nice to see that nothing has changed :rofl:

    Happy rebuild Lynx

  • well since were doing lists

    1- CoA this was a very low move, very low indeed

    2- (in no way justifying this) you should never trust someone to acs with when you don't know them

    3-.... wait thats all i got sorry..

    "Don't ever hunt what you can't possibly kill"


  • Shameful underhanded "tactic", you should just have the decency to say no.

    You really are stooping low with that.

    Was it really worth losing everyone's respect?

    Following Catastrophe guidelines.

    At least Balerion had class.

  • What a shit hit! When i was on Galatea Cata offer to TAF to call me in an ACS against him and do the same way this hit happens recalling last sec and ALPHA will be all waiting for my fleet. So seeing this disgusting hit just makes me feel good crashing some of you before i quit, now I know u all knew about that shit.