Spreadsheet Empire Manager & StandAlone Calculators

  • Greetings, Ogamers.

    About two years ago, I finalized my Ogame Spreadsheet projects. It seems the old thread was archived, so this is a repost to make the tools more availible again.

    Special thanks to Ckwalsh, Nyeajaea, Shockwave, Arbs and Fayt


    - I never implemented Technocrat support. Will have to fix that at some later time.

    - This project was finished in 2017, and as of writing (2019) I have not played Ogame in two years; unaware of any changes.

    Support: Moros#7687 @ Discord

    Platform: Google Sheets

    Languages: English


    - The spreadsheets can be used online, or downloaded, by anyone

    - The formulas used are for Redesign Universes

    - All the calculations are 100% precise, provided you input the correct Universe Properties.

    - Empire Manager will get an overhaul at some point - feedback appreciated

    - If you have questions or requests, then I'll be availible on Discord with either Text or Voice


    StandAlone Calculators

    Planet Evaluator

    Empire Manager


    • Patience v4, Empire Manager
      • Supports up to 20 planets
      • Supports Officers (Technocrat and Research Event still pending)
      • Dynamic Planet Upgrade Predictions
        • Energy Balance
        • Cumulative Research & Upgrade Costs and Completion Time
        • Supports all levels from 1 to 50
      • Fusion Reactor calculation support (production level variation)
    • StandAlone Calculators
      • Flight Calculator
        • Circular Distance calculations, supports from 1 to infinite galaxies
        • 100% Accurate Flight Time and Deuterium Consumption calculations
          • Supports Fleet Speed variations and Any % Deuterium Consumption
        • Fuel Capacity (take-off)
        • Supports up to 10 individual Fleets and a theoretical infinite amount of planned flights for any and all fleets
      • Moonshot Calculator
      • Research Calculator (Advanced)
        • Supports all levels from 1 to 50
        • Cost and Research Time
      • Cumulative Upgrade Cost Calculator
        • Flexible stand-alone for quick calculations
      • Fleet, Defence Cost & Debris Field Calculator
      • Fusion Reactor Calculator (next to useless)
      • Energy Technology Table (for reference)
        • Displays Fusion Reactor Energy Production
          • Supports Energy Technology from 1 to 30
          • Supports Fusion Reactor and Solar Plant from 1 to 50
    • Planet Evaluator
      • Input Diameter, Min Temp, Position from The Sun (3rd coordinate) and rate your planet based on the slot's full potential
        • Solar Power
        • Cold (Deuterium)
        • Fields
      • View calculated Ratings or see Reference Tables for comparison
  • Hello my friend.
    Please where can I find the file empire manager!!!

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    άνθρωποι που δεν καταλαβαίνουν...

    άνθρωποι που καταλαβαίνουν ότι δεν κατάλαβαν...

    και άνθρωποι που δεν θα καταλάβουν ποτέ!!!


  • Hello, Gagarin.
    I tested the URL in the main post, and it seems to work.
    The entire Master Spreadsheet with all the game mechanics are within one single tab (worksheet)
    (Except the table with List of Universes)