Spreadsheet Empire Manager & StandAlone Calculators

  • Greetings, Ogamers.

    About two years ago, I finalized my Ogame Spreadsheet projects. It seems the old thread was archived, so this is a repost to make the tools more availible again.

    Special thanks to Ckwalsh, Nyeajaea, Shockwave, Arbs and Fayt


    - I never implemented Technocrat support. Will have to fix that at some later time.

    - This project was finished in 2017, and as of writing (2019) I have not played Ogame in two years; unaware of any changes.

    Support: Moros#7687 @ Discord

    Platform: Google Sheets

    Languages: English


    - The spreadsheets can be used online, or downloaded, by anyone

    - The formulas used are for Redesign Universes

    - All the calculations are 100% precise, provided you input the correct Universe Properties.

    - Empire Manager will get an overhaul at some point - feedback appreciated

    - If you have questions or requests, then I'll be availible on Discord with either Text or Voice


    StandAlone Calculators

    Planet Evaluator

    Empire Manager


    • Patience v4, Empire Manager
      • Supports up to 20 planets
      • Supports Officers (Technocrat and Research Event still pending)
      • Dynamic Planet Upgrade Predictions
        • Energy Balance
        • Cumulative Research & Upgrade Costs and Completion Time
        • Supports all levels from 1 to 50
      • Fusion Reactor calculation support (production level variation)
    • StandAlone Calculators
      • Flight Calculator
        • Circular Distance calculations, supports from 1 to infinite galaxies
        • 100% Accurate Flight Time and Deuterium Consumption calculations
          • Supports Fleet Speed variations and Any % Deuterium Consumption
        • Fuel Capacity (take-off)
        • Supports up to 10 individual Fleets and a theoretical infinite amount of planned flights for any and all fleets
      • Moonshot Calculator
      • Research Calculator (Advanced)
        • Supports all levels from 1 to 50
        • Cost and Research Time
      • Cumulative Upgrade Cost Calculator
        • Flexible stand-alone for quick calculations
      • Fleet, Defence Cost & Debris Field Calculator
      • Fusion Reactor Calculator (next to useless)
      • Energy Technology Table (for reference)
        • Displays Fusion Reactor Energy Production
          • Supports Energy Technology from 1 to 30
          • Supports Fusion Reactor and Solar Plant from 1 to 50
    • Planet Evaluator
      • Input Diameter, Min Temp, Position from The Sun (3rd coordinate) and rate your planet based on the slot's full potential
        • Solar Power
        • Cold (Deuterium)
        • Fields
      • View calculated Ratings or see Reference Tables for comparison
  • This looks fantastic. Good job!


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