Old head looking for handout =)

  • Painfully old player here, debating the return to the old pipe that is ocrack.

    Short version of a long and dull story, I've played and quit multiple times since server 24(they use to run off numbers before all these names came in). Think 24,30,40, and then two or 3 servers after they went to names(sorry old and poor memory). This is my umpteenth forum account as they always end up deleting them from inactivity so no access to previous signatures. Cant remember how many hofs/adv/top tens but I've gotten my fair share and then some.

    Always end up fleeting, I'm not the greatest but I'm better than your average bear at it. Last fleet was lost as all good ones are, fell asleep while waiting to launch a blind return. When it rains it pours, two days later I had a family emergency and never logged back in. The 2-3 years in between then and now I spent with family. Now that it is over I find I no longer know what to do with my free time hence the possible return.

    As I'm asking for a handout I'm not overly picky about the type of account, fleeter or miner. I also dont need it to be a top account. Happy enough to not start from scratch. If your an alliance with a spare account I can offer advice to new fleeters or miners looking to avoid said fleeters in return, and if you're a mentally impaired group you may even find me funny!

    Hit me up if you have something. Preference will be given to any old heads I remember, followed by rudest/mentally deranged, and finally followed by generally nice players.