Lobby Login Frozen

  • So.

    The bug is pretty easy to explain as it is already reported on mobile.

    Click here for thread regarding mobile login issue.

    A few people have mentioned that they've had problems in that thread too with PC but I wanted to make a fresh thread for that to see if there are any helpful differences, etc.

    As far as I'm concerned, I've tested multiple devices, multiple browsers, and multiple universes. My two main ones at the moment are Virgo and Himalia, which consistently fail to open when I attempt a login. Whatever the day, whatever the time.


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  • On mobile: Im usually always able to login in 1-2 attempts. Only a few times have it taken 3-5 attempts.

    This extends to the following uni's: virgo, Uriel, xanthus, Bellatrix & Indus

    OS: Android

    Browser: firefox + chrome

    On PC: I can't remember having a single failed login in recent time.

  • I have this issue to on my mobile

    piink maybe an interesting info, this happen only on the first opening/reopening of the browser for my part. If i keep the browser active in background, even on other page loggin back to ogame doesnt have that stuck issue

  • This issue still isnt fixed? I stucked now on loading and f5 didn't help like last time. So I needed to close chrome and open it again, then it was okay.

    Win 10, latest Chrome.

  • There was new update? I notice skin is different when logging in and with that update I have no more problems, no more forever loading page, it opens from first try :thumbsup::thumbsup:

  • Still getting the frozen on loading login page - WIn 10 and Vivaldi browser - havent noticed it in the last few days on my Ubuntu laptop with either Vivaldi or Firefox