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  • Good Morning fellow board users,

    as you might have noticed, our board is looking a bit different since yesterday. We are back to the standard, gameforge provided, design without any changes. You might haven't seen this design here before as we had multiple complaints right when the board launched, so that I've added some CSS and JS to make the board useable again, which got removed yesterday.

    Now we were asked to collect all your feedback and complaints about the board design in one central place, which is this thread. Please comment what you dislike about the board design in here, even if someone already mentioned it before you, just post it. Also if you already posted it in one of the other threads or liked one of the other posts, please comment.

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  • The laser in the background is pretty bright and sometimes makes it a tad difficult to read messages at a glance.

    It's a minor thing, agreed, but it's honest feedback :crazy:

    Yep, atm that's also the thing that annoys me the most.

    It's now 60% opacity, the minimum needs to be 90% at least!

    I also find the font a bit tiring to read, maybe change it just to Arial or something like Open Sans or Roboto.:thumbsup:

  • The laser in the background is pretty bright and sometimes makes it a tad difficult to read messages at a glance.

    It's a minor thing, agreed, but it's honest feedback's not minor, it impacts the ability to read posts significantly.

    I was hoping there was a settings change I could find to make the back ground of posts non-opaque. The Laser/graviton beam from the death star in the back ground picture is very bright and obscures the test.

    I have loved the new board so far but this recent little change is really difficult.

    If there is a personnel setting we can change please let us know !

    Edit: Why is it that the posts are all shoved over to the left so far and the "social Meadis / Stomt" box is of equal size? Shouldn't that box be a header or footer?

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  • I dont like it its to busy and distracting and hard to read some of it the way it was before was simple and easy to read

    I am disappointed they dont have a setting so I can change it back to basic less is more I can do without the fancy background it should be an option .

    so everyone can choose how they want to see the forum

    at least make the background less transparent its hard for people like me that are vision impaired

    my son set this up for me using the stylus plugin as I cant read or see it properly.

    This looks much nicer.
    he said he put it at 95% alpha

  • Dear creators, what is the point to make messages absolutely unreadable? This is absolutely against all written and unwritten rules for the webdesign. Transparent or semi-transparent background, almost ureadable font. Why not not Roboto, Open Sans or the other fonts designed for modern websited and better reading? . So why do you try be "uniformic" in the situation where it is not required? This forum is really far from to phrase "modern web"....

  • A transparent background for a forum with a background containing strong colors of light nuances is always problematic. Furthermore adding such a focus on the social media icons, thus limiting the space available for the actual text one wants to read is also a fairly large design flaw and not encouraged by any design manuals. The font it self isn't that annoying, when the background is changed.

    It is a fairly easy fix, so hopefully this situation won't last long.

  • As usual, fixing something that isn't broken and making it worse.

    Have some respect for people with poor eyesight and or colour blindness.

    This smacks of a designers ego trip.

    It was also better when the unread threads where highlighted in a different colour

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  • This makes my eyes sore. I'm not visually impaired, but I will be if I continue looking at the screen like this.

    The background image is way too bright. Makes most posts unreadable

    How user Queen has it looks much better. Make it happen please :)

    Apart from that, I don't really mind the board. But then again, I didn't mind the last version either.

    Change the font/keep the font. Or better yet. Make it so we can control how the board looks for ourselves with some settings

  • Found a quote bug. Quoting someone once is fine, so this works.



    However, if you were to quote this post, it blanks out all the words completely.


    Putting a second quote in there blanks out the quote completely.

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