[Script] WBB5 Board Skin/Useability Fix

  • As promised already, here is the code that was applied to the board before it got removed.

    When you install the script, the board will look like it looked since the upgrade for everyone until yesterday, making Text readable etc.

    For the script you just need to have Tampermonkey installed, then click the link and then Tampermonkey should ask you if you want to install the the script, simply click install. After that reload the board to see the changes. The code is kept really simple and has comments in it, so if you don't want a certain part (which I doubt), you can just remove everything until the next comment.


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  • Grrr.

    So if I'm not allowed to have tamper monkey at work I just have to live with the board as it is?

    Why can't we just flip the switch back to what it was since so many people are complaining about it?

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  • There are alternatives - you can make a custom css edit of the board or use the firefox style plugin to always have the css active, you might also just disable the loading of images in firefox (that would remove the background, but also user images, signatures e.g.).

  • It works great with Greasemonkey on my Firefox and makes the board so much more useable! Thanks for this.

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