ACS Top 03 - [TOT: 286.033.000] deadly angel1 [NoEmo] vs. Arthur [TDA] & PAGAN [DoP] (A: 249.387.000, D: 36.646.000) + REVENGE

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    This was our manifest was your fate to be destroyed by me, it is the way of things. I am the alpha and the omega, and you are the prey. These are our roles in this game. And you have demonstrated your role flawlessly from Antares to Virgo; and undoubtedly places in between...and it's only fitting that things have come full circle with DoP having destroyed you in Antares and now again we have DoP crushing you in cooperation with my friend in TDA.

    From day one you made my list with your incessant whining and disgusting private messages that you sent me; coupled with the hypocritical posts on the forums with baseless accusations of cheating and spying. Especially hypocritical when it was your ally mate banned for cheating and a spy discovered in Rejected that had been cooperating with your cheater. You and your mate ALI G took great pleasure in trying to tarnish my name and reputation, but vengeance is mine...I have destroyed both of you. And ALI G followed your moves in Virgo and rage quit this uni after destroying his planets and moons; a pity as that account could have been put to good use and excelled in more competent hands.

    I just had to bide my time, patiently watching and waiting for patterns to emerge...and patience is something I have in spades. You got complacent, and sloppy. You didn't even slow probe, not even aware of what had just transpired and we even crushed your follow confident and cocky in this attack and others in the preceding days as we formulated our plans.

    The discussions are over. Deadly Noob has been crushed. If you rebuild, so be it...but if you leave then good riddance as we may yet have some semblance of serenity and tranquility.

    Karma has again blessed me as I vanquish the evil among us.

    As for the rest of NoEmo...whatever hold they had over you, I would consider yourselves free of them. I still don't understand what Deadly Noob and ALI G had over you to stay with players of their caliber, low moral standing, and unethical behavior.

    Still PAGAN. Still Standing. Still putting NoEmo on the wrong side of CRs and still not banned M'FRs.

    Dedicated to DoP and TDA as well as other friends who bid me good hunting in bringing this to fruition.

    Thank you Arthur for putting your faith in me.

    [TOT: 12.004.000] deadly angel1 [NoEmo] vs. Arthur [TDA] & PAGAN [DoP] (A: 12.000.000, D: 4.000)

    [TOT: 2.400.000] deadly angel1 [NoEmo] vs. Arthur [TDA] & PAGAN [DoP] (A: 2.400.000, D: 0)

    On 21-07-2019 --:--:--, the following fleets met in battle:

    Attacker deadly angel1 [NoEmo]


    Light Fighter 6.000

    Cruiser 4.263

    Battleship 999

    Battlecruiser 492


    Defender Arthur [TDA]



    Small Cargo 500

    Large Cargo 1.020

    Light Fighter 3.400

    Heavy Fighter 60

    Cruiser 1.105

    Battleship 500

    Colony Ship 1

    Recycler 125

    Espionage Probe 182

    Bomber 10

    Destroyer 6

    Battlecruiser 20


    Defender PAGAN [DoP]



    Battleship 3.016

    Battlecruiser 3.028


    After the battle ...

    Attacker deadly angel1 [NoEmo]





    Defender Arthur [TDA]


    Small Cargo 107 ( -393 )

    Large Cargo 410 ( -610 )

    Light Fighter 721 ( -2.679 )

    Heavy Fighter 15 ( -45 )

    Cruiser 797 ( -308 )

    Battleship 488 ( -12 )

    Colony Ship 0 ( -1 )

    Recycler 69 ( -56 )

    Espionage Probe 29 ( -153 )

    Bomber 10 ( -0 )

    Destroyer 6 ( -0 )

    Battlecruiser 20 ( -0 )


    Defender PAGAN [DoP]


    Battleship 2.936 ( -80 )

    Battlecruiser 3.017 ( -11 )


    The defender has won the battle!

    The attacker lost a total of 249.387.000 units.

    The defender lost a total of 36.646.000 units.

    At these space coordinates now float 56.078.400 metal and 24.688.800 crystal.

    The chance for a moon to be created from the debris was 20%.

    The defender(s) captured the debris.

    Summary of profit/losses:

    Summary attackers(s)

    Metal: -162.975.000

    Crystal: -70.506.000

    Deuterium: -15.906.000

    The attacker(s) lost a total of 249.387.000 units.

    Summary defender(s)

    Metal: 32.125.400

    Crystal: 12.898.800

    Deuterium: -903.000

    The defender(s) made a profit of 44.121.200 units.

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  • Well , 3 things : First of all great job. Awesome.

    Second of all : Safety probe noob? You won't be missed.

    And third : Shame for our perfect plans with Djubre, but hey this is even better, the whole universe saw what a noob we have here. Shame you made it to top 10 but easy with other people account, eh? First time ever I won't wish fr.

  • pagan and arthur, good job guys... I'm very curious how you share the debris :question:

    i think pagan is all friends with TDA 8|

    Is this a new record, I hope not :biggrin:

    pagan, I think you'll sleep well tonight.

    I hope noob does not leave the game, it is very enjoyable to follow you in the forum... ;)

  • Well, I took that advice about just having turtles in the menu to the heart.

    In my part this wouldn’t be possible without my buddies at TDA HQ, so I wanna thank some of them by name.

    First of all, eperdeme thanks for the account. You have been avenged.

    Secondly Valeyard thanks for all the company since the beginning of my adventure in this universe. I’ve joined you guys when I hit 25k, and we’ve been brothers since.

    Thirdly, Dragon thanks for all the support and faith you’ve put in us. You’ve introduced us to a good company.

    Mellash Sorry for destroying your hubby, your sense of humor was a fresh breeze within all this planning.

    Cathedral You know thi wouldn’t be possible w/o you. Kudos to you, since you’ve made the time against your tight schedule.

    Dedicated to all of the lazy fallen heroes of TDA.

    To the lost!

    There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.


  • What to say on this?

    Pagan and Arthur well played, wasnt expected this, but good job and even better profits. Enjoy, you deserve it.

    Deadly, mines are way to go now mate. FR

  • haha don't even know what to say to this... he was warned time and time again this was coming and still he makes a simple mistake like this

    for someone so quick to send messages he has gone awfully quiet today? :confused::confused:

    well done boys and gratz on such a big hit! couldn't have happened to a better person

    "Don't ever hunt what you can't possibly kill"


  • Had to drag myself away from Big Bang look at another Big Bang.... well worth it, and nice to understand the background issues with poor sportmanship [politically correcting myself here; "poor sportspersonship" ]

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.... or with a side order of BS & BC for fuller flavour.... well done Pagan and Arthur for the tag-team display, as for the loser....... learn from your lose or learn to do solitaire, as ACS ain't your thing ;) glotr

    He who fights and runs away..lives to fight another day :flamy:

  • About damn time! Jk.

    Pagan and Aurther great hit.

    Deadly noob glirl, maybe next time you fall into ocrack you’ll learn to play properly and keep your mouth shut. Dorado has been well documented as being full of good players who have come out of retirement and to not even safety probe is as noob as it gets.

  • Genuinely surprised it took this long :rofl:

    Gratz to Arthur and pagan!

    As I tell the lads, your only gay If you take it!

    And today old noob, my luv hubby.....well the CRs speak for themselves :thumbsup:

  • I made an account in the server just to claim the right to say that attacker talked a lot of big game from what I recalled. Now the tables turned and a victor is clear.

    Also, someone really ragequit by deleting their planets? Roflmao I think the last time I deleted so many planets was to remove the planets with less than 200 fields :D

    Congrats to Pagan and Arthur for a job well done. Ill drink to this hit!

  • :ninja::ninja::headbanging::headbanging::headbanging::wbb::check:

    I wanted to comment on this since yesterday when I was looking through Rank`s and DA or DN :doofylook:    :this:how he got his name , was missing from the top fleets :question: and soon after the ninja was shared :youcrazy: and ... brain damage :beer: . 1 - to worry about.

    Congratz you guys :bday::beer: enjoy that profit :zpopcorn::zpopcorn:

    Deadly NOOB :headbanging::headbanging::headbanging::complaingrumble:  :xeno: to be honest there where so many plans for you and ways to lose that fleet like a HERO, but here you are thinking that the pot will always come back full from the river. Well ... not today. You broke the biggest one and a few small ones.

    Someone says earlier, this is a universe where some of us just came back after a long brake :search: such as this 2 guys and a few others.

    Tips for you Noob Deadly

    1.Next time be ON to watch the attack specially if u`re attacking on a moon.

    2.Safety probe (even more than once if you are not sure or you wanna double check)

    3.Having a big fleet / defense does NOT make you strong (so many examples on the forum).

    4. Chat/talk less and do more action.

    PS. I do wish you a FR, just because the account is a good one, would be a shame to waste it.

    Or you can just become a miner and sell me deut :biggrin:

  • Even though to some this hit may come as a surprise :crazy:, to most of us it was just matter of time and who will take him down. The idea was that the hit takes place anywhere but DA's moon so he doesn't have the luxury of using his space dock. Baiting wasn't even necessary since DA was launching on TDA like crazy, no slow probing and similar 'hero' stunts made the idea of ninja him really feasible. However, to be 100% sure we take him down soon after the hit on Ali, we did had a plan, like Dragon previously mentioned. A bit sad we didn't had a chance to pull it off but still really happy that TDA and DoP crashed him togetherand in a best possible manner! :beer:

    Well played both Pagan and Arthur! Congratz on the new number one and enjoy the well deserved reward :thumbsup:

    Deadly, FR and then again so Dragon and myself can get what is promised to us.

  • Congrats Pagan and Arthur!!!!

    Sweet execution.

    Khalgad thanks for dedi, appreciate it. And yes, Eperdeme was avenged.

    DA...... Seems mining does suit you more. Just don't waste a really good account by letting it get deleted or to rot away.