Galaxy doesnt show planets/universe

  • i used to play the game back in 2012.... when i used to click on galaxy....a gui of planets and the universe used to be shown... now its all numerical... did they disable this feature? Or am i missing something?

  • Could one of these two be what your referring to?

    no no .no,,,,, the older version of ogame would shou you the universe as a gui..... and it would show the planets in a solar system form .... so when you send an espionage ship you would see it moving in real time

  • Nope.

    Apart from the Ogame Redesign which happened before 2012, there hasn't been any big changes to the way probes etc work.

    The latter screenshot that Parsec posted is the closest thing we've ever had to what you describe.

    Prior to the redesign all we had was something like this:

    - Old galaxy view


    - Old overview


    I think you are confusing Ogame with something else..

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