.jp Board transfer ?

  • Hello there,

    I don't know if Koop is still in charge here, but do you guys plan to move the posted HoF from board.jp toward this new section ?

    Looking forward to hear from you guys

    and looking forward to hear about Leo upcoming merge ;)

  • Hi,

    Yes, Koop is also here on the international Board and still Community Manager for ogame.jp. Or as you say "in charge". :smile2:

    Just use the Membersearch to find him.

    No, to bring old HoF to the new board it was up to you to save those. There will be no transferring from the old board.

  • Yep Koop is still responsible for JP. I bet you could ask him if it would be possible to set the JP board to read only so that you could copy the Top10s you would like to have here. Or maybe he responds in this thread after seeing it. In case that happens, just post them in the normal CR-Sections with the New Top10 label and then we are going to move them into the Top10.

    You also probably saw already that there no longer specific non Universe Sections for smaller communities. Instead there are labels in the international sections for all communities, so you could also post in there or spam in the spamsection ;)

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  • Just remember that the old board was already closed on July 17, so all records that wasn't saved are now unaccessible

    and where is koakuma? 8|

    Roaming around Ikariam Boards, the lobby (and troubles) now appeared there O3O, but i'm here too :)

    子悪魔, こあです