An unexpected encounter in a galaxy far, far, away...

  • «…because they thought it would be a good idea to poke that "little noob miner". »

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  • Gotta say, I quite liked the reading :D

    Please keep this thread civilized, I am in such a good mood after reading this that I won't refrain from instaclosing the thread, so let's keep this interview nice and clean, thanks :)

  • Not sure why noobs get interviewed nowadays :evil:

    easily got carried by chewy and me btw :quote::rolleyes2:

    jokes aside, very good interview, enjoyed the read. Not used to tirnoch talking that much :rofl:

    I think I will never get the decisions around quantum, which enabled WM to do his merchant push and bragging about "beating" alliances while waiting scared in vmode.

  • Thanks for the interview alex stukov . Nice that you do these in a series with different people to allow a look from different angles. I guess I owe you an apology on that one.

    And also, thanks for not sparing me the critical questions.

  • I really like that you interviewed both sides. Big +1 from me, even if I don't agree with all the opinions expressed :tongue3:

    Strange, I don't see any opinions, just someone talking about his past

  • Just like the WM interview, I actually liked this one as well. Can't exactly say some things are legit, because I'm quite convinced they aren't (and I won't mention what because I'll cause an uproar, you can PM me about it if you are curious but I can definitely say it's not related to any kind of hits, I actually pretty much believe in Tirnoch when it comes to that).
    Also liked the description of some ogame concepts. I never knew what Deep Space hits were... Thanks for clarifying that.

    I would like to have MindWar be interviewed next.
    IMO he was WarMachine's biggest rival and also IMO was the best player I've seen in this game, his work ethic on the game was insane, all the ress he was getting to build his massive fleet were pretty much from hits and he rarely needed to moon pop, and I have trouble recalling any hits on turtles(for "just because I can" reasons) or outright dirty hits either. Well, he did have his noob moment back in Uni35 with those 17.000 RIPs, but he stated it wasn't him that was using the account at the times and I'm inclined to believe that since I doubt very much someone like him would fall for the same moon-pop ninja move twice... and on something as stupid as sending all of his RIPs on a stupid turtle of all things.

    PS: If that thing about the Kaldor account trying to crash WM's "current" fleet is true, then GF should be fucking ashamed of themselves... If they cannot find a reason then they should not just decide on deleting an account like that. What happened WAS possible with enough Dark Matter, even if it would take a ton of work, but still possible. I at first also thought it was some hacker trying to one-up WM when I saw the ban, but I never heard the ACTUAL REASON for the account to get banned, and now I hear it was because of suspicions... Ridiculous...
    The one thing that could actually liven up this dead monopoly Universe was taken away for... NO REASON!!!
    BTW, I saw that the fleet was above WM's in points at the time but what was actually composed of? How many units of each ship? Is there a printscreen? Would like to sim if it could actually completely crash WM's fleet at the time since the account was like only 100million above WM(around 10%).

  • I do love a good wall of text and this was certainly a fun read!

    Can't wait for the next one.

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  • Solidarity is easy to get ahold of, infact not even too long ago he was still playing :P

    But if you do interview him, please...please get him to talk about that rocky hit!!

    Nice interview, some good questions, I liked this one more than the w4r interview, could i make a request, I'd like Gonzo to be given the recognition he deserves, he might like to troll/flame and act like a noob, but hands down he is better than w4r and tirnoch.

  • Good interview again. Whether you like the ppl being interviewed or not, it's interesting reading . I'd like to see more too so keep trying. Yes, Solidarity and Mindwar would be very interesting to read.

  • Nice interviews Alex!

    Tirnoch... Hehe, I do remember this name, was not an easy one to farm, lot of online time ^^ But his fleeting days came when I was no longer around I guess. I did play with MindWar :)

    It seems I can't open the links in the post? Directs me to Quantum section, but not to the hit/post directly?

  • hmpf

    interesting interviews

    who is this alex stukov guy?

    sounds like a character from sc2


    There was a character in SC, even before BW.

    Real-life threats are not welcomed on this platform, yet they are allowed.

    Cheating accusations and discussions will be punished, unlike cheating itself.

  • Good text , didnt know anything bout Tirnoch past and now i see his involvement in end of Uni35 to Quantum .. plus a developer, meaning his game mechs understanding was much higher lvl than us, filthy casuals :D THe Kaldor ban i just heard as well as i saw the #1 change that one day, and now i read what actually happened to that acc.. oh wells, at least they paid some $$ for their own sh.. mistakes-GF ..
    I also wanna read bout Solidarity, cus I think he was the most involved party in the WM hit.. wouldnt be bad to read bout MindWar, since Tirn praised him a lot and I never noticed him before the Uni35 events , few months before the merger :) ..

    Great interview again, keep da gud work Battlecruiser ! ;)

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