Highest Ranked Player Original to Universe 1?

  • I was around during Universe 1’s early days (before Universe 2 ever existed). I know there have been a number of mergers since then. I just have this curious side of me that wants to know which player, original to Universe 1, is the highest ranked. Anybody able to help me out on that?

  • Soong in ROLUE is u1 original i think, or atleast from before the last 2 merges

  • That's hard to say, depending what you mean by your question - many players started off in uni1 but made their names in other unis.

    If you mean which account, originally from uni 1 is the highest ranked then:

    Having a quick look through the top 100, These are the ones that I think are uni 1 originals.

    Though this is from memory, so I might have gotten some wrong, confused or missed some out.



    Jean Michel (Urza account)





    Uno One





    Taco Stand

    A r e s




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  • My son actually started this account in Uni 17. He stopped playing after 4 months or so. I have been playing it ever since. I came to Uni 1 in the 1st Merge.

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  • If only there was some way to certify, or at least estimate, the history of the universe.

    If only there was some record... like on a forum the community took part in whilst playing the game...

    If only said records weren't... removed.

    Anyway I digress. Wraith02 is so ancient in this game he probably knows best :thumbsup:

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