OStats / PoC collecting every xml api endpoint

  • Hello,

    I have developed a piece of software to collect every accessible xml api endpoint as PoC.

    So it collects every hour the highscores of every server, every week all playerData and so on…

    I wanted to store every piece of information in the xml data, so the database isn't designed for performance or low disk / memory consumption.

    So this more a proof of concept than a usable software.

    But I think the collected data might be interesting and also to continue collecting the data. I want to stop collecting because I do not want to spend time in maintenance and server resources anymore.

    So I published the software and also the collected data:

    The software is here: github.com/chrko/ostats

    You can download the database exports: ostats.hd-wg.de (the current setup is running since 2017 week 34). There were interrupts and co, so please don't judge me if anything is missing in that data set.



    [Original posted 2019-03-06T14:49:47+01:00]