OGetIt - PHP Library for the OGame API

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    Please read the README file in the repository on GitHub: github.com/Warsaalk/OGetIt


    If you want to contribute code please fork this repository and create a pull request to merge your changes. Your changes will be reviewed and merged afterwards if approved by the repository maintainers.

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  • Dear users, (if there are any ;))

    I updated the library a little bit.


    • Code refactoring for PSR-4
    • OGetIt now uses the PSR-4 coding standard
    • Added support for composer (available via Packagist)
    • Added support for OGame API harvest reports

    The OGame API Spy reports are in development.

    To add this package to you project with composer, require "ogetit/ogetit".

    Packagist url: packagist.org/packages/ogetit/ogetit

    Have fun,


    Hi everyone,

    I updated OGetIt to version 1.0.0:

    Github link

    The update includes

    1. JSON serializability
    2. Armor, shield, weapon & rapidfire values for combat entities
    3. Speed, capacity & fuel usage values for flyable entities
    4. Costs for economy entities

    The last 3 features all have a corresponding method to calculate their value based on a certain amount or level.



    Update to version 1.0.2.


    • Added ServerData xml api



    OGetit version 1.0.7

    ServerXML data update

    It has been a while since this has been update... :P

    OGetit version 1.0.8

    Added new data to the ServerData XML:

    • bashlimit
    • probeCargo
    • researchDurationDivisor
    • darkMatterNewAcount
    • cargoHyperspaceTechMultiplier

    Small hotfix.

    Hotfix v1.0.9