OGame API Database by Dark Sky

  • This is a copy of the respective thread from the Origin board from January 2016.

    • Info : local API database which records changes and provides some statistics. Java 8 is required to run this program.
    • Author : Dark Sky
    • Languages : english and german

      Few people may know the "log & search tool" I posted back in 2013. This (2016) is an updated version with extended functionality and better GUI.

      access to public ogame API; player info, alliance info, server info, highscore, galaxy,....
      record changes: renamed players, alliance changes, new/deleted players,...
      few statistics: player status graph, galaxy fragmentation: how many planets / moons are in which system.

      what's not included:
      highscore changes. only the latest highscore is stored
      see galaxy at a certain date (planned, never implemented)
      automatic updates. you have to trigger updates yourself. (I included a simple console version for updates which can be scheduled by your OS)

      known issues:
      layout bugs for small window sizes

      Remember, the accuracy (I hope this is the correct word) of the recorded changes depends on both your update intervals and the API update intervals.
      The API can only reflect a subset of changes ingame. for example, if a planet is relocated twice in a week (A->B->C), the tool could only show A->C, depending on both update intervals.

    Project on Github: https://github.com/darksky1605/OGameAPIDatabase

    This tool should still work, but is no longer maintained.