• Just seen this thread now. Sorry to see life is being tough right now, I was missing the spamming from you. Get well soon and of course the traditional GLOTR ;)

    Nobody of the still active, not newly registered people, except maybe Cass and bibob will miss you


  • Not good with words when something makes me sad and this makes me sad, so... just will say ....Shine like a star , shining so bright like the star that You are this song and dedicate it to You Sarsaparilla :)

  • Hail all you sarsy fans here is a up to date update.....Saw the Timster this morn he is alert well kinda feel a sleep on me twice, guess I was boring lol. He has the drainage tube out of his head so thats good news did some PT and OT yesterday and the PT guy was in this morning so I guess more PT today. The Timster still has no feeling or movement on his left side. I personally think he is faking it to find a pretty nurse to be his wife..hell that would be just like sarsy I mean living with me or a pretty nurse...Not to hard to see which one (Me of course). He has one hell of a scar from under his right ear all the way to the center of his head in a half circle looks kinda like Frankenstein LMAO thats were they took out part of his skull so his brain could expand. about 50 staples...He wanted to say hi to all you guys and a special shout out to Bigbutt and ChemicallyConfused He looks good so keep the prayers coming and the good thoughts. I start back to work Monday so not sure when I will see him again maybe not till next weekend but will keep you posted on what I hear..Bill

  • In case you haven't found the link to the gofundme page yet, we were allowed to add it to the first post for this sad event.

    Good to hear that they successfully relieved the pressure on his brain, hope he is back to spamming soon.

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  • Darn not good to read this. I came back to the game today after many years gone. Back in the days i had sas on my messenger and chatted with him a lot. Never had him as my gm or as player in my uni. But he is a very nice person, whom i fondly think back to.

    So u can guess this takes me by surprise, totally.

    For when/if sas can read this.

    "It has been a long time ago we found each other on chat cause of vis. I always think back to u with a warm heart, as u've given me as well back then. I hope all will goes well with u. If all is in a position u like to hang out in the ogame world again, if ever (no matter on the health, moments in your life can shake priorities) and like a chat with a blast from the past just contact me somewhere. I hope u'll recover fully.


  • I hope you told him how his extended Ogame family is cheering him on and sending positive thoughts and prayers his way!

    Glad he is on a path to healing and I hope we can get him back soon...might be good for him and us when he is here! :fatgreengrin:

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