Sarsaparilla Dedication Songs

  • I'd like to open this thread to give our music dedications to our good friend Sarsaparilla  

    With any illness we are faced with recovery, which can be tough. We all need to be motivated to fight past troubled times. Here then, friends of our favorite funny bone, Sarsaparilla , can put some musical inspiration!

    Let's see your best fight songs, your best friend songs, your motivational songs that inspire!

    It can be anything you wants long as it helps our buddy smile and carry on to speedy recovery!

    Here then I'll start with a upbeat tone:

    SGO - Bellatrix & Quantum & Oberon & Cosmos & Vega & Janice
    Specific In game issue? Please use the ticket system

  • Bit of background, especially as Radiohead are seen as depressing sometimes. This is an optimistic song, with the narrator hoping that things will improve, hence why I posted it.

    Out of curiosity, I know there is a GoFundMe page for him, has anyone linked it in the forums at all (and can we)?

    Nobody of the still active, not newly registered people, except maybe Cass and bibob will miss you