New beginnings...

  • Hello, Commanders!

    After a long development process, we are happy to announce that new features are coming to the game very soon.

    Are you ready for a strategic twist?

  • Hello Commanders!

    3 classes, new opportunities coming soon! 🥳

    ➡️Collector: higher resource production, faster trading ships.

    ➡️Discoverer: faster research speed, better expedition results.
    ➡️General: faster combat ships, faster recycler.

    These are some of the bonuses each class will have, but not all! Which class do you identify yourself with?

    Tell us in the comments!


    Your OGame Team

  • ShipSizes.jpg

    New spaceships are coming soon!

    :arrow:Reaper: belongs to the General class, collects some of the debris directly after the combat.

    :arrow:Pathfinder: belongs to the Discoverer class, collects debris directly at the expedition area as long as there is cargo capacity available.

    :arrow:Crawler: belongs to the Collector class, supports production in mines.

  • 2019-07-01_OG_SM_MCO_Announcement_Marketplace.gif

    A new marketplace is coming to the game!

    Yes, you read right!

    Through this market, you will be able to trade resources, ships and items with resources from other players!

    Did you think the new ships were limited to your selected class? No, they are not! You will be able to get the new ships from the different classes through the marketplace offers from other players!

  • newships.jpg

    While some communities are still discussing outdated leaks, we are already adjusting this update with a few "hand picked" community members! Here some examples:

    • Crawlers are going to have a production limit.
    • Bomber will be redesigned (Fuel 700, RF plasma / gauss: 5)
    • Death Star will not be affected by the speed boost.

    More info coming up within the next few days!

  • We have some news for you!

    As the testing of the update continues, there have been some interesting adjustments!

    - The collector class will have several free marketplace slots (defined by server settings).

    - The discovered class will have its phalanx range increased(defined by server settings).

    - The general class will have an additional level of combat technology (defined by server settings).

  • We have some fresh news from the update development!

    The discoverer class has some advantages:

    - It has more expedition slots.

    - It allows you to collect a bigger loot from inactives (75% instead of the standard 50%).

    Get ready!

    The update is coming to the public test servers very soon!