New Beginnings: A thread

  • So. New beginnings?

    There isn't enough information yet, just the three pics, but anyone got any thoughts? :gamer:

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  • There'll definitely be a gamebreaking ship, just like the battlecruiser was at the time (until people figured out better fleet compositions fairly reasonably, but thats too hard to discuss properly with people obsessed by BC)

  • Pollux made a good point in our alliance chat when discussing this - will the tools and sim people be on top of it when it comes to updating the software with the new ships, etc?

    it was considered, yes

    not all tool devs are involved yet, but some are :)

    Ohhhh.... check you guys out. Thinking ahead and doing stuff properly (almost)

    10/10 :-)

    On a serious this change close as in a few days or maybe like a month?

  • No, seriously do some update on cargoes, defenses and production as well. Surpise us! :ninja:

    To be fair miners have been well look after by GF. Plasmas tech increasing production, astro tech meaning more planets and mines. If you buy dm it's even more. percentage increase in production, faster completion of buildings and merchant which has pushed up the price of deut for fleeters when trying to buy it.

    In the last 15 years we've only had 1 new ship and the ability to speed up your recs (assuming you are much later in the game and spend a loads of res researching it!)

    Miners are important like defenders are important in football but fleeters are like strikers. You cheer a big hit but nobody cheers when you complete a new mine.

    New ships are long overdue and will hopefully create more interest and activity in the uni's.


  • This is pure guessing:

    Bottom ship looks like another type of recycler, maybe cargo.

    Middle ship looks like it has a lot of radars, maybe it's a new spy probe like ship? Definitely looks very fragile.

    Top ship could be anything, but it looks fast.

  • diddy it doesn't look like tomorrow, but it doesn't look like a year neither. We'll have more news coming up within the next few weeks.

    No, seriously do some update on cargoes, defenses and production as well. Surpise us! :ninja:

    only for miners?

    Where is this assumption coming from? :blink:


  • No assumption, he's asking for it be of benefit to miners


  • Haha piink don't go with that new age discoveries :D

    Let me rephrase myself: justice for miners as well :cool2:

    Generaly, what Pollux said, would like to see somehow some benefits for miners also. Not an obligation at all, just standing out for my poor komrads hardworkers :dance

  • Dont get me wrong, any developments mean a positive step that GF still spend resources on Ogame, even if not all changes are to my taste.

    Love that 3 new ships coukd change the balance and power in some unis.

    Would also love a 4th mine that is a real slow producer..where 100k of the res is worth the same as like 10k dm.