Ogame Mobile extension

  • Hey everyone.

    Ogame Mobile is a project to provide a user friendly way to play Ogame on smartphones. It can be bundled as a browser extension and as a native app. Gameforge refused the latter when I asked last month, so I'm here to validate the browser extension for now.


    Right now, it is only in beta and I'm looking for testers. There are still a few pages to do (e.g. jumpgate, premium, ...) and multiple screen resolutions to look at.

    If you want to help (or just use the current version), you need an Android and Kiwi browser (available for free on the Play Store, and very good browser anyway). If so, join the discord server here for see how to install the extension.


    When will it be available on chrome/firefox stores?

    Given Gameforge authorizes it, probably in a couple weeks.

    Will it be available on Android/iOS/Windows Phone/...

    It will be on Android for sure. I think Windows Phone has a Firefox app that allows extensions as well.

    For iOS, Apple tends to have strong policies and high fees so I doubt the extension will exists on Safari one day, and Firefox/Chrome are not allowed to use extensions. There might be a compatible chromium-based browser, but I haven't looked into it (and to be honest, I doubt it). If anyone knows, please let me know.

    Will it be available as a native app one day?

    The Responsible Product Coma of Gameforge rejected the idea of a native app on the Play Store / iOS Store and I doubt it will change anytime soon. Sadly.

    Where can I find the source code?

    Here, on Github.