welcome back i guess ?

  • Sometimes i wonder what happens to accounts which vanish in the vast universe.get lost in the debts of the Blue shilding this and many more universes provide.

    Well they found their way back thru the light.. The light guide them.

    i guess we should welcome Asuri , princess droga back, maybe some more to this lovely universe we call ours.

    there are some more on the other side.

    Peaceful ( the lovely Rip account for MD missions )

    SGK (ress storing acc while being under the radar aka 500k points)

    DDK recy acc? but i think its already downed.

    Back then we had a list. Some may remember : DNGF, allen,daodan520, DDG, dreamer, vicente, abcd, GBLW, gulong, master, markus, noob, RIOM, SGK,luckyice,destroyer.

    But now everyone is taking sides .. making own lists. listing people. dividing people on bad folks and good masters .

    An old bat eating man once said :

    "I'm just a dreamer

    I dream my life away

    I'm just a dreame

    Who dreams of better day"

    Wish you a good day and stop asking yourself what happened to ogame. ask yourself what happened to us . #DeeperThanAdele

  • Black hole - merch res account

    Yuan - merch res account

    Tang - newly set up MD account in gal 4,6 and 7

    Jacktoo - small fodder fleeter support account

    Peaceful - as stated above

    All accounts people should be “visiting” @ roughly 1730 Servertime :-)

  • All roads lead back to one...

    Asuri , princess droga these 3 lead to someone else ^^ someone who played unity .. got merged here..lost his fleet to weeknd and then miraculously "gets" another acc .. his old account gets scrapped


    Black Hole isnt one of them . team china used that nick in Zibal when they played there and thats it..

    But diddy im not pointing directly fingers at the chinesse . there is also the scrapping team + they use Asuri princess droga for the same purpose as the chinesse use their trading accounts .

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  • Know anything about these accounts: magic, duck, voter, mmdqqdbbd, minamike, an old friend, Muppet,........def a few more, just can't remember anymore off the top. Interesting post as it seems like a few sides are involved in this......hopefully that isn't the case.

    Zagy: "Enjoy building your ego with likes of your ally mate.
    Like we having 14 year old girls here. I expect now everyday status with some quote and selfie from toilet."
    Heretic: "If you want to make it personal...I might ask why you are asking for selfies from ppl you suspect are 14 year old girls and ones from the toilet no less. Creeper much?"