Bouncing effect

  • The Bouncing Effect refers to an exception in combat where an individual unit's attack is less than 1% of the shield power of a given defender.

    My question is;

    Does "bounced off" attacks trigger probability to explode ?

    I used sims to find out but they show different results.



  • It does not. I did some experiments in game to verify this (thanks iliony for lending me his moons) :biggrin:

    You can confirm this by setting up the amount of LF/BC such that with high probability, if the LF triggers chance to explode, the deathstar will blow up, and if not, the deathstar will not.

    EDIT: I looked more carefully at your sim, and I haven't really tested that scenario. It is very interesting that the two sims have such different results, and I'm not sure this is due to coding the bounce effect differently or something else. For example, after setting the W/S/A of attacker to 20/20/20, the results now match.

    I can try something like it out the next time I abandon a mobile and let you know :biggrin:

  • I think because you are at such extremes with WSA it’s just confusing the sim.

    One of my favourites is that cruisers can kill rips if the disparity in WSA is large enough. Plus you can do that with realistic techs

  • I used high shield and armor for attacker because I was testing with and without probes to see if results were changing.
    When i use low wsa then probes basically becaming fodder and results changing a lot. However when I make sure that ships wont explode its easy to test.
    However when i use zero WSA for attacker still there is huge difference.
    I think the best way to learn this is test in the game.

    I was thinking about to use probes as a fodder. Only way to beat it is LF fodder.
    So probes + crus would be strong right ?

    I used 20/20/20 wsa for defender but still they are different. thrash sim shows 23 LFs loss while Osimulate shows 5 LFs.