Top 01 - RobinHood, GKP, Thunder Child, Budyser & IsaacAsimov [ASSASSIN] -vs- AKULA [INYEON] - TD: 272.945G

  • That's some questionable fleet compositions but that doesn't take away from what this is in my eyes.

    That's OGame at it's finest. 5 buddies teaming up with big fleets built a certain level of dedication and willpower, combining to take out a much bigger fleet than the individual parts.

    The 30% sucks, but I don't think that'll matter. With hits these large you don't tend to notice things such as profit. The sheer size of the hit is what counts. A NN1 in .org lol.

    Nice teamwork on this one. I would've liked to have heard what happened (the juicy details) but I can imagine what went down.

    Enjoy the spoils, enjoy the damage, and enjoy the fame of another large "ass" hit.

    GLOTR/GLIRL defender. If what I'm assuming is right. No fs = no fleet. No exceptions whatsoever.


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  • The numbers are totally crazy. I am surprised server is still running.

    Great team work and dedication for taking him out. Congratulations to you all, totally deserved. Replacing your old Number 1 with one twice the size is definitely the way to do it!

    GL with whatever you choose Akula

  • Congrats on the new number one at single speed enjoy in glory wish u more :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

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  • AKULA was just taking up space in the top 10, he’s the biggest disappointment of the merge.

    Better said, the whole top 10 is a big disappointment. There is no secret anymore how players get and stay in top 10.

    Real players stay somewhere underneath the top10 and make this kind of hits.

    GLOTR or GLIRL defender.

  • very nice Fellas good job all around and profits too fr defender and gl. here is the only lady ya needed to post wit dat smexy cr.

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  • I can't even go on holiday for some peace and quiet, there was a huge bang and I knew I had to check chat :D

    1. Congrats on this huge hit gents! Truly amazing team work as always!

    2. Wish u all the best Sarsy, hope to hear from you soon.

    3. Mark, did u send those ship numbers just to piss people off? It worked!

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  • That’s true. But Bibi did have a new top 10 on BigLossU7 so I’ll give him credit for doing a bit more than just merchanting.

  • Fantastic job gents! The sheer carnage is unbelievable, not to mention nearly 4bil profit each after rebuilds. These hits are why you built these fleets and Im pretty sure you arent spending this profit on mines ;). Truly fun to play beside you guys for all these years. Damn tragedy I am gone this weekend and couldnt be in TS and online to watch it all go down. Wonderful dedication to an age-old Ogame player who is going through some RL shite as well. Sars get better man.

    FR to Akula, who with wreck field will still have a large fleet and a danger to the UNI. You arent the first to be hit by these great players, nor the last.