Top 01 - RobinHood, GKP, Thunder Child, Budyser & IsaacAsimov [ASSASSIN] -vs- AKULA [INYEON] - TD: 272.945G

  • Congratulations on your new # 1 acs:modo: , that's insane numbers being displayed there:flexmuscles:, a truly amazing hit, well co-ordinated and carried out as usual:hail:, enjoy.:beer:

    Like the dedication, speedy recovery Tim.

    Now Pat, you have out done yourself with the eye candy:golly:, love your choice of pic's, also Night Slayer, Blackmass and Deadmau5, good pics as well.

    Defender :blackeye: GLOTR/GLIRL


  • My freaking ogame god. The carnage O.o. Never expected to see such a huge amount of numbers outside speed unions. But then again i've been gone for years and years. Enjoy the spoils, clearly u all still have a team with dedication, good to see in any universe. Defender gl.

  • That poor bomber.

    But wow I don't even understand the numbers, the planning or luck for everyone to be around, or time it took Akula or everyone for that matter to build their fleet up..

    But big numbers! 7k+ RIPS :( this should go down in Disco history like July 12th 1979 aka Disco Demolition Night

    Grats to one side, fast rebuild to the other

    Best 15$ spent for no one to understand it when i wear it:

  • Hope Sarsaparilla will get well soon enough! Stay strong my friend, you'll win this one as well!

    As for a hit - seems like new sheriff is in town indeed. Very fantastic job guys. Aprat from Mark's numbers :cool2:

    The fact is that AKULA was not brightest bulb on the porch at all, but it really takes serious planning and skills for this. Awesome numbers and I'm sure they will stay on top for a long time. Some show success here in u1 with def bash, some with trying to be center of a universe, but for me this is the only relevant way to show what you are made of.

    Looking forward for more to come.

    AKULA FR or whatever you choose to do.

  • First of all great hit guys and Thanks GKP for that shout out to Tim. As some of you know Tim has been staying at my house and I was there when he had the 2nd stroke and it was a massive one. He is doing better no movement on left side at all but all the prayers and good will from the Ogame community is overwhelming thanks a lot Tim is overwhelmed with all the support again thanks And again awesome hit guys.

    HOFS 1096
    Advanced HOFS 133
    Super advanced HOFs 6
    rip kills 540
    Moons popped 46

  • Barely recognized the hyper advanced, did not expect to see those numbers from this universe.

    Loved the guy with 500K Dessies. Isn't Akula the guy who had like 6K RIPs ninjaed last year? and he has another 7K?

    Awesome hit guys!

  • There’s no denying what a huge smash this is. Akula got lazy and should have been more cautious, especially after your failed attempt at him in G8 only the week before.

    Well done guys. Akula, I hope you stick around. You’ll still have a very formidable fleet after the wreck field and you still have a great account.



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    Current U1

  • Great hit guys! Good to see a massive fleet like that go down.

    FR or GLIRL Akula!

    “War does not determine who is right — only who is left.”

    Ex- Gmod... don’t bother me anymore