Top 01 - RobinHood, GKP, Thunder Child, Budyser & IsaacAsimov [ASSASSIN] -vs- AKULA [INYEON] - TD: 272.945G

  • This hit is absolutely amazing. People, this is really a single speed Universe right!? The numbers are amazing, such is also the profit. Congratulations to the attackers for making the largest TD of any single speed Universe. This TD would even get Top 5 in some much faster and old Universes. Amazing, I lack enough words to describe this hit. And it was propper ACS, 5 friends joining up to take down someone stronger than any of them individually.

    Again, guys, congratulations.

    And Defender, I feel sorry for you. Those numbers definitely took a long time and work to build. It happens to the best of us. VFR or GLIRL.

  • Truly amazing hit, not only the numbers but the dedication and coordination it takes as a clan. I have had the fortune of playing with Assassin players through the last couple of mergers, they make you a better player or they make you quit! :tongue3:

    Hits like this make me want to stick with mining, no matter how big my fleet gets it won't be big enough.

    Enjoy the profits, and fast rebuild AKULA!

  • Awesome hit, good to see the defender still playing after taking that much of a loss. Also pretty impressive to still be in the top 10

    Huge numbers with a nice profit, great job

    High ranked miner, been playing way too long.
    Also have a Youtube channel with the same name (MCW UK), and I buy deut at 2.4/1.4/1

  • If that's the case and he still got hit. He deserves to not have a fleet.


    Nice to see you posting! Welcome back?


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  • nicehitgentsrollon!

    Great to hear from you Tim, have you escaped from the hospital yet? Get well soon mate :D

    Akula did start off and collect his wreck field so he still has a pretty decent fleet to play with ...

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  • Wow, huge mess you guys made there, and a nice pile of marbles cracked as well. Pat, Mark, and team, great team effort all the way around. Prayers out to Tim, and for a speedy recovery. Great post.

    FR out to the D.

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  • Damn, last time i payed a visit these pages U1 was still non ACS....And the board was normal, not like this...Oh well, great hit , I see some old ppl are still playing this game, until retirement.

  • What a hit! Was one of the best, on the edge of your seat, hits that I've been apart of. From the scramble to get things launched, the heartache of activity and the glory of success....this hit had it all!! Great teamwork and a pleasure flying with you gents!!

    Akula your account is still massive so your rebuild should be swift.


  • Astonishing display of fireworks, Assassins. Congrats on the top hit. Epic takedown. Good luck, Akula, in whatever you decide to do.

    Best wishes for a fast recovery for Tim too. :(