Individual merge

  • Hi guys. So another suggestion to try solve dead unis and get lonely accounts some action!

    So basically, I think each universe should be assigned potential merge unis based on similarity and of course destination uni should be older than original uni.

    Each player should have an option to pay a certain price, let's say 30 euros to move to one of the destination unis. (maybe 45 euros for merge and 2-3 relos) :)

    It's a win win! I and a whole other bunch of people get to move from sadfest that is new empty unis, GF gets to count dem dollas and we don't have to wait for merge like we're waiting for the doomsday, everyone saying it's coming but it most likely not happening in the near future. :)



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  • It wouldn't work... Only for gameforge. I also thought of this, I think I even posted in a thread recently, but thought about it again, and... Nah, it wouldn't do great.

  • seems like a good thing, where you can move to any uni at anytime you want but have to pay some money for it. not a bad idea but then what if the top player of uni 1 decided he wants to go to lets say... Dorado? lol... 600mil points vs all the people in dorado are like under 1 mil points.

  • Can we rediscuss this.

    Currently stuck in a dead uni. I am only waiting for a merge.

    I have no reason to keep throwing money at officers, marketplace or anything of that sort cause the uni is dead.

    From a GF point of view giving people the option of another uni would, in my case atleast, benefit them more.

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  • Maybe. Maybe not, but having the option to leave a uni should be an option. Less active players could find a less active uni that is more suited for them and more active players could find a more active uni more suitable for them. Should have a cooldown ofc. but I really don't see the downside here.

    RIP kills in Hyperion DK

  • From my point of view we won't see the merge this year. I just don't see the time of devs to do it, only if they surprise us with merge now than this new big update, but

    somehow this ain't gonna happen. They will introduce new update and "listen" the community and will fix some major problems + try to extract as much as DM they can from us. Once this is completely "finished" story they will move maybe to merge...but maybe...

  • I've skim read this so apologies if someone has already suggested the below.

    I do like this idea, but my worry would be people hoping between uni's when they become a target. Could there be a rule that only allows a uni swap every 6 months or something? Otherwise someone got hope to Uni B, crash someone they hate, then hop back to uni A before the player gets revenge.