Red Matter (RM) - Matter Assembler (MA)

  • This suggestion has been in my head for months. Now i want to give it a try. Let me know what you think about it and sorry for my bad english.

    The system is really simple.

    There will be DM and RM. DM is the one you can shop, RM can't be shopped.

    Everytime a shopper buy an amount of DM, a % will be give as extra in form of RM.

    RM will be treat like a normal resource. It will be possible to trade with it, it will be possible to steal it...and whatever like the other 3 resources.

    The developers will add another structure, like mines. This structure (the Matter Assembler, but the name can be changed) will convert really slowly the RM in DM, but you will not get as DM like the RM, the amount will be lowered. And, of course, to convert the RM you need to have it on the planet.

    This structure may require a significative amount of energy, and even researches. But, more important, to build up it you need....RM (not for lv 1).

    In this way, everytime you steal or get RM, you have to choice if invest it in this new structure, or trade it, or convert it in DM by defending it. Improve this structure may boost the speed to convert or lower the % you will lose from the conversion.

    The reason i think this will be a good suggestion is;

    - First of all, it is effectively extra DM for shoppers, so people is encited to shop cause, in a long period, people will get in fact more DM at the same €/$. Extra for people mean more shop and more money for GF.

    - This may open new possibilities of event for GF, where it will boost RM instead of DM, or give extra RM from converting. Or even both with some "sale" in the shop. Event to speed conversion, event with "trader", event in galaxy and whatever you can think.

    - This may open a new system where people trade, not only "i sell deuterion for crystal/metal"/"i buy deuterium for crystal/metal".

    - This may give planets near sun a reason to exist, cause we can do that the structure convert RM faster if the planet is hotter. (More relocs and even more money for GF)

    - This may give to the "No-Shop people" a way to get DM free, incentiving the active play, like crashers already do. This may incentive to focus on the shoppers, even by forming alliances, instead of avoid them cause they are bigger. May incentive to play in a group. And even reduce the gap beetween who shop and who doesn't, because do "a click" or a "double click" will give you RM anyway. You want to shop? Ok. Good for you, you can even get extra DM if you are good enough. But if you aren't, prepare yourself to give free DM to other players and reduce your effective gap. Yes, in a long term period, but still reduced. And if someone focus to speed the conversion cause he "often farm RM", even smaller.

    As i said, let me know what you think about this idea, and again sorry for my bad english.


    You buy 100.000 DM. For this you get 20.000 RM extra. This resource will be converted by MA (lv1*) in 1 month (example) in 10.000 DM.

    You can choice if convert it in DM, use 15.000 RM to do MA lv 2, or even trade those 15.000 for other resources.

    *The MA can be "clicked", so even something more where people can spend their money. Like "trader".

    Ps: All rights reserved :biggrin: