Moon creation

  • so a lil while ago new uni started, me n friends from other uni started plying

    Since it is a "military"uni i went to be a fleeter and i know preety much nothing about fleeting

    All in all it went well

    Abut 5 days into the server a 40% MC event popped up:thumbsup:, since it is a 7x uni it was not too unreasonable to go and try some MC

    Since me and boiz were around 3k points or so we decided to go and try some low % hits

    As i reason, every 100k in the debry accounts for 1% of MC, while the event is on, it doubles the %. So i count stuff in and come up with 32 light figbters, as they produce 102k debry it should be 2% while event is up.

    My and my buddy in ss start the hits, when u look at the CR u see it is 4% and not 2%. Nevermind, my calculation is wrong, what you gonna do.

    Few hits ih, his moon is born, that is cool, we continue hitting me with all we got, no moon. Later i areange some hits with other guys from alliance, a guy gets it from the verry first try. We hit me with all we have, no moon.

    Well i would be a fool if i tought it will go easy.:crazy:

    We end up hitting me 50 times with 32 LF, and 1 time with 92 LF (1,692 LF total) and i didnt get a moon.

    It was fun. Only reason we stopped was i didnt have anything left to hit and no time to build enough untill the end of MC event.

    This is our personal record for MC hits with no moon created. :love:

    Does any1 have a story they wanna share with us?

    Did someone do more hits than we did?

    Thank you for reading:fatgreengrin:

    I am makeing Silverwind's days

  • My record is 22 21% moonshots to get a moon :). You got a 0.96^50 * 0.95 = ~12.2% event, I got a 0.79^21 = ~0.7% event (no moons in 21 attempts). That being said I've had dozens of moons made at this point, and that was by far the unluckiest.

    The % chance a moon is formed isn't exactly 1% per 100k df. It's 1% per 100k df, plus a bonus between 0 and 3% depending on the phase of the moon.

    EDIT: in general, ignoring the moon phase bonus, it's more efficient to put everything into a single wave than to send individual waves. With 50 32 LF waves, there's a 1-0.98^50 = ~64% chance you get a moon during the event. With 2 625 LF waves (40%) and a 350 LF wave (22.4%), you'll have a 1-0.6*0.6*0.776 = ~72% chance you get a moon. You'll also get a bigger moon if a moon were to form.

  • oh yeah, i forgot about moon phases

    Thank you for ckarification about this chances %

    I didnt feel like going into calculations. And i firured it was way more easy to hit and rec and rebuild small fleet

    Not all alliance members were able to hit 625LF, maybe even no one could.

    I am makeing Silverwind's days