1M resource starter package for new players

  • Hello everyone!

    This uni is going to die even sooner if no incentive given to new players. To slow down the dying process, I suggest that anyone have a v-mode account and no longer want to play offer it to new player. On top of that, I am offering 1M starter package here. I used to send starter package to players in Cosmos last year, now I hope to do the same here too. So anyone interested to play here, after you join, just message me in game NamoAmitabha I will send the 1M resources when I am available. Even if you already joined for few days, you can still send me a message about free resources.

    I once heard this from other players:

    All joy in this world comes from wanting others to be happy, and all suffering in this world comes from wanting only oneself to be happy. - Shantideva

    “If there is a remedy, then what is the use of frustration? If there is no remedy, then what is the use of frustration?”

    ― Śāntideva, The Way of the Bodhisattva: A Translation of the Bodhicharyavatara

    I thought the same, so giving out some resources to make others happy meant we have a universe that has many players, have fun!

    Best regards,


  • keep up good work ..no more raid come from me...IDK what will do new account owner..wish u start this 2 week ago..maybe i wont stop then..

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  • A kick-ass idea just like when you started doing it in cosmos, Good going man.

    Thanks, good to see you still around here.

    And Lyca, It has been a very busy year for me, that is why I only started it now :) Thanks!

    Yep still alive and kicking, although not in this uni anymore. Back to just the one (Cosmos). Nice to see you doing what you do best man mining hard and helping newbies.

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