Cant login from my pc, I can join any uni except for one particular one.

  • Hi,

    I'm having issues with the site.

    I login to gameforge account. Then when I want to join my uni I want to play, it wont open. Other unis just opens fine.. Site wont open on mobile either..

    But when I try to login from my own phone internet (not home connection or wifi) It lets me login. But on my pc, it wont let me login, neither when I try logging in from phone with wifi connection.

    Anyone got fix? Opened a ticket but dont have answer yet..

    Damn, what if I had no neighbours or own phone internet :/ My fleet wouldve be gone by now... Help is kindly appreciated!

  • Hi Silverwind my account got Safety banned..

    Can we fix this issue pls? Or do i need to wait a whole 24 hour before trying any solutions?

    I started a convo with you on the forum please help me :)

  • As with all in-game issues there are some helpful hints:

    To protect your privacy and account safety, it's best to use the ticket system

    Remain patient. The time of your first ticket to my reply was ten minutes. Ask around, that's an outstanding response time.

    Don't open two tickets, a forum thread, reply to another thread and send a board PM. If I answered your first ticket in ten minutes, it's safe to say I'm on the case.

    As to your case I have responded to your current ticket regarding this matter.

    SGO - Bellatrix & Quantum & Oberon & Cosmos & Vega & Janice
    Specific In game issue? Please use the ticket system