BLIND PHALANX [TOT: 1.918.200.000] Tyler Durden [FURY] vs. saikano (A: 13.515.000, D: 1.904.685.000, TP: 364.725.887)

  • Yeh 11 days now of constant playing, and that's since we started watching him so god knows how long before that! 11 days without sleep, amazing. Shame the multiple players playing on it via TeamViewer weren't able to avoid getting crashed. All those great minds :mob:

  • HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! As if he didn't lose enough yesterday, he spent the ENTIRE night IPMing three of my defences :rofl: Nice to see he's taking it like a man lol. Woke up to 176 missile reports, I wonder how much DM he spent on that too.


    Now if only he had used all that res to rebuild :lol: He didn't even have the balls to actually attack me and crash the sats and loot me. Just IPMs - the last refuge of the unskilled noob.

    Jason, you sure this isnt Garfart's Asian? LOL. Sweet smackdown on the scripter/relo-master. Keep on hammerin him!

  • Blackmass - saikano has been playing about a tenth of the time you have but his MPD is already almost double. Why do you even have a fleet lol? What is it for? Does it make coffee?

    Edit: and his fleet is a third of the size :lol:

    :) I can feel the salt from here brother. As I have said before there are bigger players here that have made larger hits with less mpd. so tamoto tamato no difference. And as I have said before you're account is still upside down. it's like what 52 F. out side right now and clear night skys. sweet dreams brother. buy the way Tyler Durden this is what happens when my mine production built fleet meets up with you're fleet

    I'm not pretty I'm not graceful I am the inevitable fact of truth.there is no unwinnable situation.

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  • Now I will say congrats on the hit and profits.I was not intending to post on this due to our troll habits of each other. But Tyler good work and in the sim I was the aggressor.

    again good work on the hit. now to the goods brother . I was where you're at now on this account. years ago. before I dump my whole fleet and put it into mines on Darkdepressions advice. and Borg's and Wraiths and a few others. then rebuilt my fleet once I had my eco growing to support it. nothing says I need mines like giving you're self a 2 second window to launch in after a rushed deut. trade Tyler. then having to sit up to wait for another trade for 18 hours after a 94 hour raidathon. this is why I am hard on you .as far as anything else goes pure lack of motivation on my part. enjoy the profits brother. and not imaginary but a show of what can happen and will happen since even as bored as I am I am still 200 steps ahead of you or does the one probe where you're fleets at months apart with out searching for it not count. and cute pic to bad I am a great white and you're the perch see that sim was to show I might take losses but that's fine I can still rebuild, replace faster.

    I'm not pretty I'm not graceful I am the inevitable fact of truth.there is no unwinnable situation.

  • I still firmly believe this a good thread, and having read the above, all I have to say is that it doesnt matter how far you are ahead in the race, if you are walking while others are sprinting. Eventually you become food for the fish, or plankton to be sifted by the whales.

    In other new Saikano got himself banned again.