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  • Just some related advice zera:

    You've been all over the US boards and servers trying to change all the settings over there, and you're now coming to the ORG side and beginning a campaign here.

    It would be more practical considering your activity level to pick a sever with the settings you like, join it, and stick with it.

    Ogame is not a sprint, it is a marathon, and hopping from server to server across two communities isn't going to allow you to get a strong account.

    You seem like a bright fellow, I just think you need some patience and/or look for an established account on a Universe with settings you enjoy. :biggrin:

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  • Your time might be better served explaining why you want a change.

    Is the universe new/old?

    Is it way too far behind the rest of its brother/sister universes (spec wise)?


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