Are ONLY 6 m00n Destruction attempts enough?

  • Greetings....

    The head line says it all...

    Is 6 attempts enough to make a m00n fall?

    and should m00n Destructions be placed in the same category as nukes?

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  • Moon destruction is a risky process, sometimes 6 chances will be more than enough, others it'll take a whole lot more, it all depends on the size of the moon and the no of rips you send.

    As far as I'm concerned its an attack therefore limited by the bashing rule, with the exception of during wars

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  • It is all random, I have been involved with an MD attempt consisting of 18 waves all with 2 or more rips and they all failed.
    Other times i have lost my moon to 1 rip on the first wave, its just pot luck.

    Round up as many allies you can and send as many waves as possible is the best approach to take

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  • Stating MD similar IPM is really bad , then people will spam the MD and will be easy to pop a moon ... as Uriel I used to spam the MD missions there as there was no Bashing rule , sending 13 - 14 missions of 2 or 3 rips , the moon always get popped like 80 - 90 % of the time (thats solo without any friend help) ... when the account gets bigger and losing rips doesn't matter anymore hunting players by popping his moon everyday can be a nightmare ... and a way to make him quit.