changes of speed like with the future classes $$forGF

  • hmm and if so: soon we will have new classes to choose.

    eco has probably already harmonized everywhere on x7.

    I suggest that You can change yours speed by dark matter like the same with new classes,

    You can jump to different speeds. in yours universe , each player would be marked with a different color,

    e.g. if he chose x1, let it be marked somehow and the deliquent's flight will 5x longer than, for example, another one which he chose,

    e.g. x5. player with x1 could at any time recommend a stronger speed, but would lose protection for a week from faster players - just like the greens lose protection after scanning /. attacking strongers protectors becoming outlaws.x5. x5 to x1` would have to fly even slower than x1 to x5. topic for solutions e.g x5x5 to x1

    Giving everyone to one bag(make serwers the same ,which will be easier for fuzions ) ... then something like the national and world league xd such.

    speed change of course for $$ the same price as moving planets with a possible 30% cheaper. introduced after 24h.

    greetings from Poland and (helped me uncle google xd) :lol: